Get your measure on Part 2

There are many devices to measure with. This morning I enlisted the use of this one. Well not this actual one, mine is white and typically used for sewing and miscellaneous crafting projects. But this morning, it was on me and WOW it’s been a long time since I measured me so as a benchmark that I should have done week one here I am.

Sometimes loss isn’t measured in pounds alone, inches are a huge sign of loss and being-in-shapeness. As if this wasn’t enough torture I decided today I should take a set of before photos (I took a set at the beginning but they are not for sharing hahaha) So this is me today:


Bust 44″

Behind 47″

Waist 42″

Arms 17″

Thighs 29.5″

Calves 20″

Pants Size 16

Shirts Size XL

Bras 42C with 3″ extension




20 down 345 to go

2# down 50# to go

Some Days It Just Doesn’t Work

When I was in WW the last time I was obsessed – Elizabeth can confirm this – I had strict rules for myself about the order in which I ate foods, what time eating ceased, how many minutes of exercise was needed per week. I will admit I wish I had the passion and dedication that I did then, but I don’t . I have a more realist approach this time. I realize that LIFE HAPPENS. There are going to be days when I don’t make the opportunity to exercise, or a slice of pizza and a beer just sounds too good to pass up, but that’s an almost spiritual part of health and well being, the ability to allow myself when I have been restricting. Since last Friday it hasn’t been hard, those fillings are sending me back to the dentist, a week worth of excruciating headaches is enough, and there is no other cause that I can think of. So food hasn’t been an issue, rice, liquids, I tried some pasta one night to only get tired from only having one fourth of my mouth to chew with. Today had be a planned day of “get-your-shit”‘ together but a rough night sleep with the girls and the seemingly ever present migraine has me stopped in my path…so tomorrow begins a new day. A new opportunity to make a step toward shedding the next pound.


When focused on a destination it’s very important to remember where the journey took you, sometimes the sidetracks are well worth it.


17 days down 348 to go

2# down 50# to go

Get Your Measure On

Day 15… weight loss is not only about attitude, dedication, exercise and want. If there is anything I have learned in my lifetime battle with my weight it’s this: 8 – 8oz glasses of water and a set of these used properly is key.


These are measuring cups/spoons, we have more than one set the kids love them and I use them non-stop:


…and thanks to governmental regulations every food item that is sold today has a serving suggestion on it (and no the package of Oreo’s does not say 3); this serving suggestion is most commonly given in ounces or cups. A weight loss program is greatly enhanced by the purchase of a set of these tools, and are sometimes more useful than a dumbbells and exercise DVD’sNow what to eat? Low carb, no carb, Caveman, vegetarian, organic, processed low fat meals it’s really up to the individual – which plan fits into your day the easiest, if food prep is easy then one is more likely to stick to it. I have tried all of them and had success with all of them – and that success I attribute to the little friends pictured above, combined with one bit of advice from my now retired WW leader LeAnn, “Every food group is a group for a reason, there is something that your body needs from it. A food lifestyle where a food is eliminated, unless it’s an allergy concern, is not allowing your body all it needs to thrive.”  So yes have fat and sweets, enjoy dairy, lots of brightly coloured fruits/veggies and proteins, but use my friends up there – see them they are begging to be pulled out of the drawer and utilized.

As I sit here and type this I am thinking about the meal I just consumed, pasta and leftover sauce I made over the weekend. I used the cups, I could have eaten more but I reminded myself as I went for a second helping “Am I hungry?” I stepped away from the table, drank the last of my glasses of water for the day and surprise I wasn’t hungry I was just sitting there.


So I will call food a success today.


Get your measure on…


16 down 350 to go

2 pounds down 50 to go

I am not overweight, I am waiting for my growth spurt

When we watch our children grow it’s obvious when they are going to grow, at least mine, a little tummy will round out and then seemingly overnight up they will shoot! We had to measure this weekend, they both looked taller and sure enough – both of them almost 2″ each in 3 months! Then I look at me, maybe that’s what’s happening – a woman can dream right?

It’s so cold already, I wasn’t ready for 42 degrees when I woke this morning. But I was ready to step on the scale. Shivering in my bathroom, fresh from a hot shower I tap the middle and wait for the “000” to appear. My newly polished fall colored toes slip onto the cool white plastic and I exhale close my eyes and wait a moment – 225.2. A pound for each week so far. I have 50 weeks and 50# more.

My current weight photo

BIGGEST CHALLENGE….of the past two weeks was the combined anniversary/birthday party Saturday night at our house. Yes I had cake, and lasagna, but I also watched what else I tasted.

BIGGEST SUCCESS…I didn’t eat and of the chips/dip or chips/queso that my mother in law brought, and I only had one beer. I worked out more than I had been, not as much as I would like.

GOAL FOR THE NEXT WEEK…get in the 120 minutes of activity I know I need to be successful and plan out meals for the next day before bed.

14 down 351 to go

2 pounds down 50 more to go

When a pound doesn’t seem like an accomplishment

I set out two weeks ago on a year long venture to lose weight in a healthy time frame, one pound a week. When I did WW back in 2003 I dropped 83 in 8 months, now there were extenuating circumstances, I didn’t have children so I could commit to an hour sometimes two a day to working out, I didn’t have to consider what I made for dinner and would they like it, I had the time to spend nightly carefully planning out the next day’s meals and prepping.  Today this is not an excuse, it’s just where I am at in life, playing with them on a warm afternoon is more valuable to me than 30 minutes on the elliptical – I try to include them in this. We pick fruit out at the store, I choose snacky things for them that aren’t terrible (yes we have cookies occasionally but I love it that Ailey will ask me for a nectarine over sweets anytime). Today I snuck on the scale, I am close to my two pound goal in two weeks and then I think back to my WW days and I would have been mad with only two pounds. So I thought I’d put here this photo – how much is a pound really?





Two and a half hours in the chair at the dentist today means not having to think about what I will eat today…it’s been an interesting week fitness wise, I have not met with my FIRM trainer but I have strollered with the girls, weather acceptable nights for them are quickly fading so I am taking advantage of them. We are loving watching the changes that seem to be noticeably different each day, be it trees losing leaves or folks adding fall themed decorations and even a few Halloween enthusiasts who have some “scary” things parked in their yards (and no it’s not their mother-in-law or a copy of their most recent water bill). I was also granted the rare treat of having Scott home an extra night this week so it was really nice to have him here with us.


This feels very positive, I have had less moments of emotional urges to feed myself to feel better and since we are broke the temptation to spend is almost impossible. Weigh in is just 3 days away, I demand myself to have lost 2 pounds since the day I started this so Monday will be the proof to myself that I can do it.


12 days down 353 to go

MONDAY: 9-17-12 The Art of Not Quitting

I didn’t quit – I really wanted to. After a craptastic day at work, an emotional upheaval of a day. I didn’t give up. I fed it, with exercise. I strapped those little weights into the stroller in the rain and we went. 30 minutes, and when I got home, I was drenched, spent, and felt amazingly better. There is pride in not giving up, yes I understand pride is a sin but might as well commit them all, that way I have good fun to discuss when I’m sitting for judgement; usually this is the sort of day where I give into the snacks in the house, but clever me didn’t buy any. Not a bag of chips, no cookies, no chocolate, not even for baking. I gave myself but one thing to fight my urges with, activity. So after I cried a little and made myself go out, I not only did something physically beneficial, but emotionally I chopped into that barrier that says, “Feed me, I’m sad. Feed me, I’m angry. Feed me, I’m lonely”.


8 days down 357 to go

My Body

…is the only thing that I own that is paid for. It is the body of a woman who has played sports, been injured, been stretched out more than a Stretch Armstrong (that probably dates me), I’ve undergone surgeries, fertility treatments, given birth twice in three years, gained and lost weight so many times that I have lost count but I know the failure I feel far outweighs the successes. But I own it, how I look and how I feel is dependent on one, and only one thing – ME. The choices I make each day shape, literally this body. If I put garbage in, I feel it, most of the time I enjoy too much the delicious satisfaction of garbage, greasy, gooey, sweet, salty bites of calorically ridiculous bites. I use it as celebration or as consolation, frustration release, mood control and I know that the next day I am going to hate what I see a little bit more than I did the day before…and that’s my purpose here to eliminate that part, or at least be able to control indulgences, to teach myself that it’s ok now and then to have some “garbage” but if I want to feel better, look better, love myself more I have to nourish my body properly; it’s a mindset – hard work works, but it’s hard and called work for a reason if it was easy the media wouldn’t be consumed by it around the clock, there wouldn’t ‘t be rows dedicated to it at the grocery store.


Day 7 was not a success – I was tired and lazy, I did some yard work, I cut the grass I worked on the deck again, but I also ate brownies, note plural not one, not two I don’t even know how many but more than I should have.


So Day 8 – it’s behind me. Beginning of week 2 – I didn’t get on the scale so I can’t say if I made my goal of 1 pound this week or not, I think probably not. So next Monday I WILL get on the scale and it WILL read 225.4 I WILL have lost the two pounds I wanted to by then.


7 down 358 to go

Day 5 & 6: Yardwork

Not traditionally accepted forms of “exercise” but it kept me moving, my mouth shut, the kids outside and the yard leaning toward my expectations. Pressure washing, hedge trimming, moving things and then moving them again. Trip to soccer, clean the house…..better than I had been doing not exactly what I need to do but count it as better than nothing at all.


6 down 359 to go


The Owner’s Manual – what? exercise DVD’s come with an owner’s manual? Hum learn something new everyday….anyhow suggests a day of rest, but for optimal success to do a little something every day. Thursday is a real rest day – it’s Soccer night. So unless standing and watching Ailey practice or playing WoW with Scott counts as exercise I will count it as “rest”.


4 down 361 to go.

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