I am not overweight, I am waiting for my growth spurt

When we watch our children grow it’s obvious when they are going to grow, at least mine, a little tummy will round out and then seemingly overnight up they will shoot! We had to measure this weekend, they both looked taller and sure enough – both of them almost 2″ each in 3 months! Then I look at me, maybe that’s what’s happening – a woman can dream right?

It’s so cold already, I wasn’t ready for 42 degrees when I woke this morning. But I was ready to step on the scale. Shivering in my bathroom, fresh from a hot shower I tap the middle and wait for the “000” to appear. My newly polished fall colored toes slip onto the cool white plastic and I exhale close my eyes and wait a moment – 225.2. A pound for each week so far. I have 50 weeks and 50# more.

My current weight photo

BIGGEST CHALLENGE….of the past two weeks was the combined anniversary/birthday party Saturday night at our house. Yes I had cake, and lasagna, but I also watched what else I tasted.

BIGGEST SUCCESS…I didn’t eat and of the chips/dip or chips/queso that my mother in law brought, and I only had one beer. I worked out more than I had been, not as much as I would like.

GOAL FOR THE NEXT WEEK…get in the 120 minutes of activity I know I need to be successful and plan out meals for the next day before bed.

14 down 351 to go

2 pounds down 50 more to go

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