Get Your Measure On

Day 15… weight loss is not only about attitude, dedication, exercise and want. If there is anything I have learned in my lifetime battle with my weight it’s this: 8 – 8oz glasses of water and a set of these used properly is key.


These are measuring cups/spoons, we have more than one set the kids love them and I use them non-stop:


…and thanks to governmental regulations every food item that is sold today has a serving suggestion on it (and no the package of Oreo’s does not say 3); this serving suggestion is most commonly given in ounces or cups. A weight loss program is greatly enhanced by the purchase of a set of these tools, and are sometimes more useful than a dumbbells and exercise DVD’sNow what to eat? Low carb, no carb, Caveman, vegetarian, organic, processed low fat meals it’s really up to the individual – which plan fits into your day the easiest, if food prep is easy then one is more likely to stick to it. I have tried all of them and had success with all of them – and that success I attribute to the little friends pictured above, combined with one bit of advice from my now retired WW leader LeAnn, “Every food group is a group for a reason, there is something that your body needs from it. A food lifestyle where a food is eliminated, unless it’s an allergy concern, is not allowing your body all it needs to thrive.”  So yes have fat and sweets, enjoy dairy, lots of brightly coloured fruits/veggies and proteins, but use my friends up there – see them they are begging to be pulled out of the drawer and utilized.

As I sit here and type this I am thinking about the meal I just consumed, pasta and leftover sauce I made over the weekend. I used the cups, I could have eaten more but I reminded myself as I went for a second helping “Am I hungry?” I stepped away from the table, drank the last of my glasses of water for the day and surprise I wasn’t hungry I was just sitting there.


So I will call food a success today.


Get your measure on…


16 down 350 to go

2 pounds down 50 to go

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