Some Days It Just Doesn’t Work

When I was in WW the last time I was obsessed – Elizabeth can confirm this – I had strict rules for myself about the order in which I ate foods, what time eating ceased, how many minutes of exercise was needed per week. I will admit I wish I had the passion and dedication that I did then, but I don’t . I have a more realist approach this time. I realize that LIFE HAPPENS. There are going to be days when I don’t make the opportunity to exercise, or a slice of pizza and a beer just sounds too good to pass up, but that’s an almost spiritual part of health and well being, the ability to allow myself when I have been restricting. Since last Friday it hasn’t been hard, those fillings are sending me back to the dentist, a week worth of excruciating headaches is enough, and there is no other cause that I can think of. So food hasn’t been an issue, rice, liquids, I tried some pasta one night to only get tired from only having one fourth of my mouth to chew with. Today had be a planned day of “get-your-shit”‘ together but a rough night sleep with the girls and the seemingly ever present migraine has me stopped in my path…so tomorrow begins a new day. A new opportunity to make a step toward shedding the next pound.


When focused on a destination it’s very important to remember where the journey took you, sometimes the sidetracks are well worth it.


17 days down 348 to go

2# down 50# to go

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