Day 3: Exercising With Children

As I laced up my shoes for day 3 of this adventure Miss. Ailey said “Mommy, you can’t leave us alone! Who will watch us?” I looked at her startled and then laughed. She thought I was going for a walk without them and Scott was still at work.  I assured her that I wasn’t going to leave them alone and gave her a “holding hug”. I pointed to the dreaded  transfirmer – it makes my knees ache, by hiney burn and my thighs scream the next day but the lady on the DVD assures me that it will “tone and reshape my body” so I am putting my trust in that.


The girls LOVE the stretching and cool down, however they also love to stand on it when my feet aren’t on it, while I am stepping on it, sitting on it and it proves to be an excellent device for them to reach things they shouldn’t – lamp shades, motes, my cup….


Three days in and I am sleeping a little better, my bath is more soothing than an escape for sore muscles, my energy level is rising and I feel better even with the little sleep I get.


3 down 362 to go.


P.S. I told Scott he should try it, he says his ta-ta’s and bum are perky enough.

Day 2: The Sport of Strollering



The sport of Strollering is underrated as a caloric burn.


 I’m not talking about a jogging stroller I am not that kind of dedicated, but I’m not talking about pushing it leisurely around the mall either, and contained in my stroller isn’t the pumpkin seat all new mother’s can’t wait to have and flaunt (and I know you know what I’m talking about). I am talking about 75+ pounds of children, 15-ish pounds of double stroller, 5 toys, 2 sippy cups, 2 bowls of snacks that inevitably will be strewn much like Hansel and Gretal’s breadcrumb path marking where we have been, a blanket I will try really hard not to run over and ice water.


I lace up my old lady walking shoes and lock the girls in, and off we go. 30 minutes around the ‘hood. I don’t live in a flat area, there are hills, crappy sidewalks, some parts no sidewalks, people who insist on having 3 more cars than their small driveway and/or garage can hold, stray dogs and children, teenage punks who like to laugh at the “fat” lady pushing her kids, and yes you little ass one day that comment will come back to haunt you. 30 minuted of butt burning, thigh straining, upper arm pushing work.

When we return home the water and snacks are gone, I am breathless, sweaty and spent. But I have shared time with the kids and kept my promise to myself of getting in a workout.

2 down 363 to go.

52 weeks and 52 pounds

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror on Saturday – who is this person I see? Certainly it isn’t me. Step on the scale 230# ???? How did I get here, again? My jeans a size 16 again, my shirts XL again …. it has to stop.

I gave myself Sunday.

The buck stops here – I want to look the way I feel, attractive and sexy. What I see in my reflection is neither of these.

So I dug out The FIRM set I got umm three maybe four years ago. I started day one tonight. I am impressed that I didn’t pass out, I competed most of the movements with the lead instructor not the beginner one. Tomorrow is an off day for the program but something light is suggested so I will stroller with the girls or do the elliptical when they go to bed – probably the latter since I need to work on the deck some more and it’s difficult to do that in the dark.

MONDAY 9-10-12 :Day 1 week 1 – weight 227.4

SUNDAY   9-13-13:  Day 7 of week 52 is 175.4


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