Sitting here at 6am, sweating I just stepped off the elliptical in a house where everyone else is still asleep. Mornings I find personally are the best time to slip in my “me” time. It gives me energy for the day ahead, motivation to make smarter food choices (I will not discuss the bad choices I made  yesterday), and gives me a little confidence in myself that I made the choice to get out of bed and do this for me.

It is not selfish and really doesn’t impact anyone when I do it this way. In the coming weeks I plan on making it a regular part of my day, leaving the evenings to Scott when he’s home, and the girls. I am hoping that the regular activity will keep my positive and the numbers heading in the right direction.

I call today Choices because weight/weight loss is 99% about choices for the majority. There are many things in my life that I have little to no say in, but this one is totally on me. I must continually remind myself that what I see when I am getting out of the showers is no one else’s choice but mine and it is my choice to make the changes in me so that I love who I am.

This week I have made very smart choices, with a momentary lapse last night, but that choice is in the past.

Time to hit the shower and get a movin on this Friday.

53 down 312 to go

weight checkin on Monday!


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