Happy New Me…2013 beigns


This morning I did as I promised myself I would. I stepped on the scale and accepted what I saw. I am not proud of the result, but I know it’s the last time I will be there.


I have set my personal fitness and healthy lifestyle goals, I have made the commitment to participate in at least two Warrior Dash events in the next 6-8 months, the Redlegs Run, and maybe the Flying Pig. By paying my entry fees already I have given myself motivation to be fit enough to complete these tasks, my only competition is against myself.



I laced up a little bit ago, turned on some music and started this journey again.

When I closed my eyes and let the music set the pace, some moments I was breathless and others my tone deaf voice was bestowed upon my family (but singing is the sign of a happy heart, and I am happy – yes, me happy, for real).

I felt my legs, not as slim as they once were, but still powerful as I pushed the pedals forward.

I felt my arms always a self conscious body part for me, but I think about the tattoo that covers it partially and I envision it complete, beautiful, growing stronger and leaner with every pull of the handles.

I felt my abdomen, skin stretched from housing my little ladies, but also stronger because of that, those muscles guarded and supported their earliest, most crucial moments, it won’t ever be the 3 pack I once had, but it won’t be a half barrel either.

I listened to from within the sound of my heart thumping in my chest, rhythmically beneath my skin, and spreading life through me.

I felt the rise and fall of my chest, taking in and letting go; letting go with each exhale things that I cannot change, things that are in the past, the body I woke with…it is that easy sometimes to let go.

I stepped off, pulling my shoes from my feet, drinking cold water, feeling it refresh and rehydrate my body; and for a moment I felt the woman inside I long to be, she’s there, been dormant for a few years while other things took precedence,  but there none the less.

So Happy New ME!



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