But I don’t want to

many of us can relate to this statement in one of two ways: as something we said as a child, or something our children say to us.

That was me today – I really didn’t want to get on the elliptical. My back hurt, my chest hurt, I’m tired and worn out, but then I thought about my weigh in yesterday – one pound, four sticks of butter, I know I can do better than that, I expect more than that from myself.  I know what I didn’t do, I know what I need to do, and slipping into bed without logging my minutes would only make me disappointed in myself.

In this adventure it is only my opinion of myself that really matters. If I go to bed at night and know that I did enough, that I was enough, then I will sleep; but if I don’t give my all I am only cheating myself.

So, reluctantly, I stepped onto what tonight was the noisiest 30 minutes of my life, and much to my surprise when I was done, I felt good. I had some dinner, a hot bath and in just a few minutes I will lay down to rest.

Success is not measured in the end result alone, it’s the mini-victories along the way. It’s saying no to seconds, choosing the smaller portion, living real life as it presents itself, doing when you don’t wanna….

My goal for the week is to hit my 5% loss and then some, eight sticks of butter would make a happy me indeed.

down 45 sticks or 11.2 pounds since January 20

199 sticks to go or 61 pounds


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