Note to self

Dear Me:


                Today has been a hard day.

I am proud of you for only eating 3 cookies, it could have been easily 7-10, you ate the dinner you planned instead of caving in for heart shaped pizza, you had a yummy lunch and made a choice that allowed you to enjoy something you really like.

It’s ok that you skipped a work out today, everyone needs a day of rest now and then. It doesn’t mean you won’t tomorrow, or the day after that…

It’s ok that you are feeling a little low and just want to cry. This is real life. Your triumph is that you didn’t feed it no matter how bad you wanted to.

So, relax. Enjoy (or try to) a night of rest. There are days left until Sunday, one day off doesn’t mean the week was a loss, it’s a moment and in the past. Let it go and let’s move forward.

Remember that I love you, you are doing great, this is a difficult journey and no one can be strong all the time, that also means that no one is weak all the time.




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