Aspects of Loss

There are so many aspects to weight loss.

PHYSICAL: Seeing your body shape change. It’s not easy day by day, this time I am taking a photo each week so I can see the difference along the way. Reaching into the closet and a once snug pair of pants or top finally fitting and then being donated because it’s too big. Seeing a real shape to your figure, not that round isn’t a shape but unless you are Santa, or work for Pillsbury it’s not really attractive.

EMOTIONAL: Fighting the endless fight that is the mentality of being a “fat kid”. Fighting feeding moments in your life that don’t make sense. Fighting a celebratory meal, because what if this one meal is the path to my undoing.

FINANCIAL:  Not everyone needs an organized weight loss plan, but no matter what course you follow to your goal, eating healthy is more expensive – regardless if you buy all fresh items and cook yourself or you use the gift of the pre-packaged, pre-portioned items, it’s costly. Then as weight is lost there becomes a need for a new wardrobe, which is fun but can be a strain.

ATTITUDE: As we all shed unwanted pounds there emerges even in the shyest of individuals an aura of success and confidence. A smile that spreads across a face when encountering someone we haven’t seen in a while, or are asked what we did and then we preach about the benefits of the plan of choice. People can not only see it, but can feel it.

INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS: This one may be the most difficult because I find myself surrounded by of them;  I find people fall into one of these three groups:

1) Never had a weight problem, you know eat like everyday is a party and look amazing in leggings and boots, they don’t understand the accomplishment, no matter how big or small. The groups I find frustrating, because they eat all the things I crave the most and if they gain a little are able to bring it in and drop the pounds quickly without serious impact.

2) B.T.D.T. (been there done that’s) whether still maintaining their loss or have been in those shoes, people who can sincerely empathize with everything that we think, feel, and express. By far the easiest to get along with, trading secrets, recipes, sometimes in-between size clothes, they are us just at another stage, maybe a little ahead or behind but still in the same boat. Their support and true empathy is key to my success.

and finally

3) Those in our lives who need to change, who for a multitude of reasons need to experience the metamorphosis we have/will undergo but aren’t there yet, or simply don’t care to change. I find these people largely to be negative, and the most difficult because they will see our success as a threat or a fluke. Under their breath, and I can only say this because I have lived it, they will spout off criticism and yes I may fail again, life is difficult and I don’t know what’s ahead, but maybe this time I will hold fast to what I am doing and live my life in a healthy way, finding other means to deal with energy vampires and saboteurs.


I am firmly in group two for the ummteenth time, that whatever success we have had is short lived and we will be heavy again sometime soon, or how they feel we are self-righteous, or whatever — truth be told I’ve been in group three as well, and I hated group two’ers more than anything, I have a right to live in denial and not be subject to it.


I suppose my point it this: regardless of what group I am in I need only put out positive wishes for the others and live my success, hopefully I can learn and grow from every person in my life and maybe, just maybe I will help someone else along the way.






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