Am I Tough Enough? Am I A Warrior?


Last week I signed up for a Tough Mudder coincidentally I am also registered to do The Warrior Dash

They are both versions of obstacle courses over miles the Dash is a shorter event. I know people who have completed both but it wasn’t until I watched the trailers on the websites that I thought to myself “Holy Crap! Can I really do this?” and then I promptly I said,”Well, hell yes I can!” There was my motivation to find a replacement activity since my elliptical is now in the dump.

So how am I going to prepare myself to be able to cross the finish line in these two events?

I started the couch to 10K on Sunday – I am not a runner, repeat I don’t run. I never have, I am slower than slow, but for me this isn’t about being the best its about finishing, proving that I do have what it takes. So day 1: walk, run, walk, run,…30 minutes later walk through the door. I far exceeded my own expectations. I only walked a few seconds of two of the run sections, for now those are only 60 seconds but I doubt 6 weeks ago I would have lasted half of any of them. Day 2: Monday 5:30 am, 26 degrees, cold rain – but I went. I had to pep talk myself through it, thankfully I was out alone on this morning because anyone in earshot might have thought I was a nut job.

“Don’t you stop you fat ass, you didn’t come out here in the cold rain to give up.”

“If it doesn’t hurt you aren’t making progress.”

and what do ya know the 30 minutes was over before I knew it and I didn’t walk any of the runs (I stopped one time to tie my shoe.) I did however carry with me all day a sense of pride and accomplishment, along with sore quads and creaky knees; but once again I did far better than I thought I would. I know that the run stints will lengthen and the activity over all will increase but it’s a step in the right direction.


Maybe I am a runner, maybe I’m not, but I know for certain I am not a quitter. So come hell or high water, high wall, mud pit, fire and other obstacles I will finish both of these events and earn my beer.



Week 5 Weigh in was a mild success – with two nights of out to dinner I still lost .6#  for a total loss of 6.1%  of my starting weight.


60 sticks of butter down 184 to go



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