12 Weigh-ins later….and my Anchor

1/20/13 236# *23.4 pounds lost* 4/28/13 212.6#

Well it’s been over a month since I posted, and a lot has happened. I had joined a gym and was up to running intervals up to 5 minutes each, about 50-60 minutes 7 days a week, all seemed to be going really well and then I lost my job, so I also had to quit the gym. I was (and still am) struggling with issues regarding that, but I didn’t let it ruin the personal progress I was making here, if anything it boosted me to stay with WW and exercise was it remained the constant positive thing I was doing for me to let off emotional issues, in lieu of feeding I worked out.

I had interviews within two days and accepted a job offer by the 4th day after. The best part of that was finding business attire in my closet and it actually fit, a little outdated but none the less fit.

The second hurdle was surgery, it was minor and outpatient but I tried to go back to my routine a little too quickly and ended up having to lay low a few days longer than I initially had thought.

It has been difficult for me to find time to work out, my new schedule combined with Scott’s, new childcare and bedtimes I gave myself that first week to focus on that and this week my goal is to get back out and start rebuilding my running stamina, the dash is a little over a month away.

Since the last post I have continued to lose and I am now at 23.4# loss, next week I will hit both my 10% and 25# loss mark. Notice I use the word WILL not WANT TO, I choose the work will because it commits me to achieving this goal. I had thought when I started this I would be able to drop weight like I did the last time averaging 10# a month, but honestly I am 10 years older I realize now that it isn’t the same as it was then, and I accept, this short term goal is very attainable, and I am a third of the way to my long term goal.



This morning the meeting topic this morning was anchors. A tangible or intangible item or thought that serves as a reminder to keep your goal in mind. As soon as my leader mentioned the topic I knew exactly what mine was.


The ring on the left is mine, I got it when I was about 10, the ring on the right belonged to my Grandmother. I was given this piece when she became an angel last year, I am the only August grandchild. I have always loved that ring, I want to wear it. It’s so small, but I remember when mine was too big and I had to wear it on my middle finger.


Why is this a good piece for me?

My grandmother was a strong woman, but as she aged and her hips were both replaced, several broken backs, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, COPD, and other accompanying health issues combined with being overweight led to her mobility decreasing over the years she was unable with diet alone to lose weight. I know some health issues cannot be prevented but by getting my weight under control now I only make it easier for me to combat anything that may come up, I prepare my daughters to hopefully make the better choices as they grow up so they do not struggle as I have, that hopefully my husband follows suit and joins me in my campaign for health and wellness.


So when this ring fits, and I say when because it will one day, I will move mine over to my middle finger and I will have mine that shows me where I was, and hers to show me how far I have come.

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