Celebrate Eating Well

This is the handout that we were given at the challenge on Wednesday to record our current eating habits.

I realize it’s a little difficult to read but I would be more than happy to e-mail it to anyone if you would like  to look it over ~ it’s very comprehensive and allows you evaluate how you are eating and where you could make better choices if you wanted to!



Keeping in mind that diets are short term, when you want to drop a few pounds before vacation or maybe a wedding or reunion, they have value, but for me and my relationship with food it’s a lifestyle commitment.


This includes being realistic about the things I choose daily, most days I am all column C, and now and then I dip into A and B.


When a splurge is planned:

 When I  know that a party or night out is coming,  I try to be a little more conscious about the rest of my week, so when that event has arrived I am prepared to let myself have an indulgence – be it french fries or birthday cake (this is where I am a fan of cupcakes, pre-portioned party fun!) No more are the days where I mentally beat myself up before an event struggling with how I will behave.


What about when something comes up and I am faced with an impromptu meal out or at a friend’s house?

There is always a better option, the choices may not be the greatest but there are ways to eat anywhere.

Dining out: I try to choose grilled or baked anything. I ask for dressing on the omit cheese or bacon (I let myself have one or the other not both), split an entree, ask for the lunch portion, ask for a to go box brought to the table when the meal is brought and immediately put half or more into it for the next day, I don’t go out much but my girls and I eat pretty similarly so often I can get one adult entree and the three of us share it, this goes for desserts as well.


At Someone Else’s Home: Momma said never go to someones home empty handed – Olive Garden has the best salad to go, it comes with bread (you can get unbuttered) a bottle of dressing, in a nice bowl serving spoons – who doesn’t love their salad? That then becomes the bulk of my plate only adding things they have prepared to it minimally; if it’s a good friend they may know that you are trying to eat smart and offer to prepare your protein or side without oils or butter, better yet they may let you help in the cooking!

(my mom and mother in law both are helpful with this).


The best defense here is to have a game plan, to stick to it, to enjoy yourself and move on.


Celebrate eating well!!!





Confessions of the inner fat kid


This picture was taken from of one of the break rooms at work.


This is a huge temptation – daily. It’s right near the ladies room and near where my new desk will be. Held within these cases are possibilities to my own undoing, I am proud to say the last thing I purchased from here was a pack of Extra gum and a Diet Coke, but the Butterfinger #147 calls my name, and those Cheetos would go oh so well with a Cherry Coke…I really do love food, I think about it a lot.


My journey here is to simply have a healthy relationship with food – beware machines I am stronger than you are!


68 Days & New Shoes

Tonight was the first “unofficial” weigh in  for the Biggest Loser challenge at work. There will be an award when they determine the highest percentage loser ($50.00 gift card) and second place ($25.00 gift card), regardless of who the winner of that is I am very pleased with week one. I didn’t realize that there would be a weigh in so in full attire (YIKES!) after a substantial dinner and breakfast I lost 4.8#.

The class tonight was a Nutrition Class, I was very excited for this, I had hoped to walk away with some ideas or resources for something new…what I walked away with was sadness for what the class could have been instead of what it was.

We all got an email late yesterday with a little analysis of food choices, and I am very proud to say because of my lifestyle commitment to weight watchers I scored a 58 of 59 – meaning I make healthy choices more often than not, I lost a point because I use real butter, sorry somethings I will not compromise on so I use it sparingly.

I was very disappointed in the representative that they had come and speak, she was very negative and tried to be clinical with statistics and food facts from the get go, I understand that she works for an insurance company and is a huge knowledge base for what to and not to eat, she proclaimed that she struggled with weight loss and had kept 45# off for several years – kudos. However, in a group where habits are still reforming, encouragement and a positive energy would have gone a lot further. She was surprised by my score on the “rate the plate” activity, I wanted to say “I know I’m fat, obese in fact but I have come a long way and I know what to eat, and most of the time I do eat correctly.” She told people they couldn’t eat bacon, that canned fruits were off limits, that artificial sweetener was terrible but then she’d rather someone have a Diet Pepsi than a regular Pepsi (last time I checked Diet Soda contained artificial sweetener). She was armed with old photos from fast food places, and said how bad Subway was and then admitted to eating there…I felt the night was laden with contradiction.  It was burning in me to stand up and tell her a thing or two but I just shook my head and bit my tongue ….yes you can have bacon occasionally (center cut or Canadian), ice cream is not the devil you just can’t have the whole pint, canned fruit in light syrup or water is still miles ahead of chips and candy, and no you don’t have to reach your target heart rate when you exercise (unless your body is used to it) if you haven’t been moving at all that is enough – it’s baby steps in the right direction! It’s this kind of little changes she should have been preaching, not “Bacon is bad! Ranch is bad!” (I do personally think Ranch is bad, but I have always thought that.)

Lesson to be learned: All things in moderation and IT IS HARD. You and I we are not perfect, and what fun is life if we can’t allow ourselves to indulge sensibly on occasion. That’s what this program is designed to convey, at least from this participant’s perspective.

I did walk out with two primo seats to an upcoming Reds game as being the ticket pulled from a raffle and I logged 100,487 steps in the 7 1/2 days between weigh in’s.


Look at these beauties! I never realized what a pair of shoes could provide until I slipped these on Friday night at 10 pm as I went for a run. My legs feel better, my knees ache less, my feet feel softer on the side walk.  They are nothing fancy or super costly, I got them at Kohl’s but they are miles ahead of what I was wearing. When I reach my goal weight/win this challenge at work I plan on investing in a trip to Bob Ronker’s Running Shop to be fitted properly, until then these are my new best friends.

6 months of steady loss

6 months of steady loss…. I have really struggled with seeing the scale waver around 210, up a little, down a little, and* I know I have had loss just in inches (which I am equally pleased with) but this

week, finally broke through 210, now sitting at 207.4 a total loss of 28.6. It really feels like it’s taking forever but I keep reminding myself I’d rather be the tortoise than the hare, slow consistent weight loss is healthy lasting loss, and plateau’s are normal. I felt amazing when I saw the scale on Sunday morning I wasn’t expecting anything much at all, the past 6-8 weeks have been just that.

So I had to analyze what did I do different this week to drop 2.8#?

FOOD: I had two days of higher point eating. I don’t think I had been eating enough, since I wasn’t tracking I don’t know for sure, but many days I didn’t feel satisfied, yet I wasn’t hungry so I just opted to not eat instead of eat because I should – and 80% of what I ate was classified as clean.

EXERCISE: I had 3 days off at the beginning of my week because I was sick, and then when I did get back out the first day was grueling – I have upped my miles to no less than 3 per day, my duration is longer, I am working harder, my goal for myself is to complete my daily run without walking and I am successful more times than not. I will admit that first attempt at 5 miles was hard, but I walked very little of it.

Hopefully the plateau for now is behind me and I can experience a little loss – the challenge at work is into week 6 and for that I am about 3.5% loss I am near the top 10 but I want to win one week at least and stay in that top 10 for a few weeks. I have to be more diligent about what I eat and make sure it is the right foods for me.



75 Days

There comes a bit of empowerment when there is great reward to be gained, and I am not speaking of the rewards offered throughout and at the conclusion of this event at work. The health benefits, the emotional boost, the motivation that will carry me to reach my personal goals.


Over the next 75 days I will:

track every morsel that I consume.

log activity everyday.

walk a minimum of 5,000 steps a day.

lose weight.

feel better.

live the life I preach more faithfully.

run my first 5K.

complete a second Warrior Dash.

be more prepared for the Mudder.


At the beginning of the first session we weighed in and were give pedometers if needed. Then groups of people just formed together, in my group was one person who works in my same department that was comforting to know someone. The representatives from the YMCA had stations set up and it reminded me of the days of Karate Team Training – some free weights, jumping jacks, burpees, lunges, wall sits, more lunges, a little running, shuffle steps, push-ups and suicides…


Assessing the group as far as where I “fit” in physically, I am not the youngest or oldest, nor the lightest or heaviest, I am not the most in shape and most definitely not the least in shape. I sweat, I pushed myself, I made my time count. This will be a true test of how bad I want to accomplish something, and I have set myself up for nothing less than success, and this success depends on my dedication, self-discipline, and a whole lotta sweat!




The Biggest Loser Challenge

This is right up my alley! It starts this coming Wednesday a

nd I just got an email that they are adding a second set of classes on Monday’s as well – so 22 classes in all! They are also adding Weight Watchers memberships (wahoo I have a head start).


I am eager for the competition, I cannot lie. I have been stuck losing and gaining the same 5# over the past few weeks. I needed this bad!!!




In addition to these prizes if a participant loses 10% of his/her body weight, walks 5,000 steps a day (they will provide a pedometer) and attend 75% of the classes they will refund the fee paid for joining the challenge?!! Come on…what’s not to want to do!


The grand prize was announced today $1,000.00, 2nd place $500.00 and 3rd place TBD.


My personal goals are:

7,500 steps a day

attend the original set of classes listed above (and as many of the Monday sessions as the family can let me)

30# that’s more than 10% but I think it’s what it will take to be the Biggest Winner.

TO WIN!!!!


In addition to this we at home are adopting the VB6 plan – vegan before dinner. Making vegetables, fruits, whole grains the bulk of our day and then a healthy portion of lean meats/poultry/fish for dinner.  I have read into this plan and it seems to be successful for men and I am hoping that this helps my man at home jump start him onto my personal health and wellness initiative.


So weigh in for me will now be WW on Sunday’s and TBL on Wednesday’s with a goal of 3# a week for the next 12 weeks.


Swappertunity: Flat Out

My family loves pizza, c’mon who doesn’t right? It’s cheesy, greasy, deliciousness. It’s also an expensive treat both to the wallet and the daily goal of eating sensibly; and I don’t know many adults that say, “Wow that one slice of cheese pizza on super thin crust was amazingly filling!” It’s more like 2-3 slices of that deep dish with extra cheese and toppings, along with a beer or three. So in this new adventure how do I get pizza that doesn’t leave me feeling guilty, gross -or- starving.


The super yummy goodness on my grill above was dinner last night. Mine is the one in the back, it has 1tsp of olive oil, fresh sliced tomatoes, spinach and 1/4 cup of mozzarella cheese (I wanted fresh but this was a totally impromptu dinner) – it’s 4PP. It was delicious! The front two are Scott’s he also had 1tsp of olive oil on the flat-out, sauteed mushrooms, peppers, garlic, spinach and cheese, his are 6PP since he used a little more oil in the sautee. We both felt full and Ailey asked why she didn’t get pizza for dinner!


I call it a successful meal and can’t wait to explore more with this!


The Warrior Dash – June 1, 2013

The Warrior Dash is the world’s largest obstacle race series. The proceeds go to St. Jude, …since that time I had been working out at home, kind of, watching what I ate kind of, I had dedication…kind of. http://www.warriordash.com/

 Once I made that commitment I had something to drive me. I wanted to be able to finish the race and that meant having the endurance for not just running a course but a course covered in mud and obstacles. That is the moment I knew I had better get my butt in gear.


 I downloaded a couch to 5K ap for my phone. I used it for a few weeks and then realized I could run more than the program dictated, so I made up my own, Runkeeper allows you to customize how far or how long you want to do a specific task. I started with 4 minutes of running and 90 seconds of walking, then I increased the run times and decreased the walking times; I am very proud that earlier this week I ran two straight miles, I know my dad is shaking his head in confusion as to how me, “flash” is now running regularly. I am eager to see what the Dash on August 10th brings for me, my goal is to finish in under an hour, I know that if I continue to work hard this is an attainable goal. Long term my goal is to run a half marathon next spring.


16 trips to the scale later

Sixteen trips to the scale later and here is the progress….

Bust  was 44″ now 43″

Rear was 47″ now 44.5″

Waist was 42″ now 37″

Arms were 17″ now 15″

Thigh was 29.5″ now 25.75″

Calves 20″ – no change

Pants were 14/16 now 12/14

Shirt was XL now L

Total measurable loss 14.5″ and 25#



What other changes have I been able to implement or maintain…

Binge eating is minimal. I can’t say I don’t do it, but it’s far less often and I am able to stop it easier.

Scale obsession, I still get on the scale but I am better at not letting what I see ruin my day, but allow it to motivate me.

Triumph over the vending machine – I realized I am not allowed to have money at work, it calls my name. Bonus, I have more money for things at home.

Lunch out once a week, Scott and I work close by one another now, so I save points so he and I get at least one meal alone each week, it’s a double treat since I don’t have to prepare anything and he and I get some time to talk.

Running – I have to admit I love it! I run 3-4 days a week at work on my lunch break. I feel so energized when I get back to my desk and it curbs my want for “crap”. I come back ready for the rest of the day and know that I have the entire evening for family, that my exercise doesn’t have to be a compromise of the time I want to spend with them or a decision of one over the other.

Real life…this by far has been the biggest change I have been able to accept. I have gone to weigh in’s knowing I was going to gain, but also accepting that not every week is going to be a loss,  and it’s ok, it doesn’t define me unless I allow it to defeat me.

Upcoming goals…

Edgewood 5K on the Fourth of July

Warrior Dash Versailles, KY August 10th

Tough Mudder  Maysville, KY October 19th  (131 days away)

39# more loss by the Mudder – which will put me at my personal goal weight

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