Swappertunity: Flat Out

My family loves pizza, c’mon who doesn’t right? It’s cheesy, greasy, deliciousness. It’s also an expensive treat both to the wallet and the daily goal of eating sensibly; and I don’t know many adults that say, “Wow that one slice of cheese pizza on super thin crust was amazingly filling!” It’s more like 2-3 slices of that deep dish with extra cheese and toppings, along with a beer or three. So in this new adventure how do I get pizza that doesn’t leave me feeling guilty, gross -or- starving.


The super yummy goodness on my grill above was dinner last night. Mine is the one in the back, it has 1tsp of olive oil, fresh sliced tomatoes, spinach and 1/4 cup of mozzarella cheese (I wanted fresh but this was a totally impromptu dinner) – it’s 4PP. It was delicious! The front two are Scott’s he also had 1tsp of olive oil on the flat-out, sauteed mushrooms, peppers, garlic, spinach and cheese, his are 6PP since he used a little more oil in the sautee. We both felt full and Ailey asked why she didn’t get pizza for dinner!


I call it a successful meal and can’t wait to explore more with this!


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