75 Days

There comes a bit of empowerment when there is great reward to be gained, and I am not speaking of the rewards offered throughout and at the conclusion of this event at work. The health benefits, the emotional boost, the motivation that will carry me to reach my personal goals.


Over the next 75 days I will:

track every morsel that I consume.

log activity everyday.

walk a minimum of 5,000 steps a day.

lose weight.

feel better.

live the life I preach more faithfully.

run my first 5K.

complete a second Warrior Dash.

be more prepared for the Mudder.


At the beginning of the first session we weighed in and were give pedometers if needed. Then groups of people just formed together, in my group was one person who works in my same department that was comforting to know someone. The representatives from the YMCA had stations set up and it reminded me of the days of Karate Team Training – some free weights, jumping jacks, burpees, lunges, wall sits, more lunges, a little running, shuffle steps, push-ups and suicides…


Assessing the group as far as where I “fit” in physically, I am not the youngest or oldest, nor the lightest or heaviest, I am not the most in shape and most definitely not the least in shape. I sweat, I pushed myself, I made my time count. This will be a true test of how bad I want to accomplish something, and I have set myself up for nothing less than success, and this success depends on my dedication, self-discipline, and a whole lotta sweat!





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