6 months of steady loss

6 months of steady loss…. I have really struggled with seeing the scale waver around 210, up a little, down a little, and* I know I have had loss just in inches (which I am equally pleased with) but this

week, finally broke through 210, now sitting at 207.4 a total loss of 28.6. It really feels like it’s taking forever but I keep reminding myself I’d rather be the tortoise than the hare, slow consistent weight loss is healthy lasting loss, and plateau’s are normal. I felt amazing when I saw the scale on Sunday morning I wasn’t expecting anything much at all, the past 6-8 weeks have been just that.

So I had to analyze what did I do different this week to drop 2.8#?

FOOD: I had two days of higher point eating. I don’t think I had been eating enough, since I wasn’t tracking I don’t know for sure, but many days I didn’t feel satisfied, yet I wasn’t hungry so I just opted to not eat instead of eat because I should – and 80% of what I ate was classified as clean.

EXERCISE: I had 3 days off at the beginning of my week because I was sick, and then when I did get back out the first day was grueling – I have upped my miles to no less than 3 per day, my duration is longer, I am working harder, my goal for myself is to complete my daily run without walking and I am successful more times than not. I will admit that first attempt at 5 miles was hard, but I walked very little of it.

Hopefully the plateau for now is behind me and I can experience a little loss – the challenge at work is into week 6 and for that I am about 3.5% loss I am near the top 10 but I want to win one week at least and stay in that top 10 for a few weeks. I have to be more diligent about what I eat and make sure it is the right foods for me.



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