Celebrate Eating Well

This is the handout that we were given at the challenge on Wednesday to record our current eating habits.

I realize it’s a little difficult to read but I would be more than happy to e-mail it to anyone if you would like  to look it over ~ it’s very comprehensive and allows you evaluate how you are eating and where you could make better choices if you wanted to!



Keeping in mind that diets are short term, when you want to drop a few pounds before vacation or maybe a wedding or reunion, they have value, but for me and my relationship with food it’s a lifestyle commitment.


This includes being realistic about the things I choose daily, most days I am all column C, and now and then I dip into A and B.


When a splurge is planned:

 When I  know that a party or night out is coming,  I try to be a little more conscious about the rest of my week, so when that event has arrived I am prepared to let myself have an indulgence – be it french fries or birthday cake (this is where I am a fan of cupcakes, pre-portioned party fun!) No more are the days where I mentally beat myself up before an event struggling with how I will behave.


What about when something comes up and I am faced with an impromptu meal out or at a friend’s house?

There is always a better option, the choices may not be the greatest but there are ways to eat anywhere.

Dining out: I try to choose grilled or baked anything. I ask for dressing on the omit cheese or bacon (I let myself have one or the other not both), split an entree, ask for the lunch portion, ask for a to go box brought to the table when the meal is brought and immediately put half or more into it for the next day, I don’t go out much but my girls and I eat pretty similarly so often I can get one adult entree and the three of us share it, this goes for desserts as well.


At Someone Else’s Home: Momma said never go to someones home empty handed – Olive Garden has the best salad to go, it comes with bread (you can get unbuttered) a bottle of dressing, in a nice bowl serving spoons – who doesn’t love their salad? That then becomes the bulk of my plate only adding things they have prepared to it minimally; if it’s a good friend they may know that you are trying to eat smart and offer to prepare your protein or side without oils or butter, better yet they may let you help in the cooking!

(my mom and mother in law both are helpful with this).


The best defense here is to have a game plan, to stick to it, to enjoy yourself and move on.


Celebrate eating well!!!





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