61 days to go

Week 3 of the Biggest Loser at work, I lost 3 more pounds total is 7.6, I am pleased with that number, in three weeks that is a decent amount and I am back to my 25# loss total that I got away from – next hurdle is to be below 210 – which I will hit on Sunday. (note the word will – meaning it is a certainty). The class last night was just what I needed, it was a strength routine that I can implement at home we only used a pair of dumbbells and the activity band both items which I have and will be a part of my regime beginning tomorrow – I didn’t participate in the leg portion of the work-out as much as I normally would have but I was afraid the newness of it would ruin me for the 5K today, but I did all the upper body and a limited amount of the lower body. The instructor was motivating and realistic, she encouraged everyone to work at a pace that was comfortable for themselves and offered alternative motions for people who had knee and back problems.

I witnessed the weigh-ins from the sidelines and I saw a lot of smiles and some frowns – scales are so scary to some, I am so accustomed to them. I allow the number to show me how I have succeeded or view it as motivation to work a bit harder the next week.

I fell just short of the top ten people, with a total loss so far of 3.46% – my hope is that steady loss over the duration will lead me to at least the top 3, I accept now that the reality of being the winner it very unlikely as quite a few of the participants just have more to lose than I do, but I am not giving up, I have a plan and am going to mix things up a bit this next week and see if it makes an impact or not.



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