Personal Goal Met!!!

I didn’t think that I was even close to slipping back into these notorious “hot-ass” jeans just yet, I had it as my 65#’s lost reward to myself  I only tried them on because my one pair I do have that fits are fading fast, I’ve been wearing them since before I had Piper and they are soft and fit for about 20 minutes out of the dryer. I wanted to gauge how close I was to them fitting if it was worth spending money, even at a second hand store on a new pair. I was worried that my legs wouldn’t fit into them.


As I slid them off the hangar and over my first foot, I fully anticipated them to stop abruptly at my calves, the one body part I cannot seem to reshape at all. To my surprise they slid over, and up my thighs and the button fit perfectly into it’s little hole. I didn’t have to lay down on the bed or anything! ha-ha-ha


I know they aren’t a perfect fit -yet, if I sat in them they might bust, but they are on and that means I am close. It also means I won’t spend anything on something new!


So milestone met, money save, success rewarded – motivation? hell yes – I have several other things in my closet that have to be close to wearable too, just a matter of more pounds, inches, miles, sweat, measuring, planning and living!!!




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