Exercise is only 4%

The past few weeks I have been asked by people what I am doing to slim down (that feels darn good, especially when I am making very slow progress). I tell them Weight Watchers and running, and the conversation goes on and on and I share a little about how I got into running, and then I hear it “I can’t because…<insert lame-o excuse.>”

I know that running isn’t for everyone, but for everyone there is something! A class or video, walking, swimming, yoga, weights, the important thing is to find the thing that you love to do and do it. Pour all you are into it, make time for it, not excuses.Make a friend or find a partner or coach and make it happen more days than not.

  “I don’t have an hour to give to working out?”

 I personally struggle with this statement, one hour is 4% of a day,  I give 32% of my day to my job, 8% to traffic, 44%to sleep, cooking, cleaning, kids, and other domestic duties….guess what that leaves 16% of my day to give me.

 I selfishly take some of that and run, this week I am adding in some videos that I have and used to really like, free weights that have been door stops for far too long, and reading.

 It’s difficult to make exercise a habit, it’s part of you; speaking for me it’s a crucial part of my day.

 My journey is far from over, I really want to be below 200 before the end of the month, I have been so close the last two months and I can’t seem to break through. The impending holiday season is my inspiration we have a work event to attend for the husband and I have an amazing dress in my closet I haven’t worn in over 5 years – I WILL WEAR THAT DRESS.

I love pinterest and a lot of the pictures I post in this blog I find there but this one (to the left), really hit home because for a long time what I saw in the mirror was this fat lady, with rolls, stretchmarks, full of imperfections…today when I look at me I see the progress, I know what I will be, I know that the desire to look like the sexy woman I feel like will push me to my goal, and I will not quit until I reach that goal.

 4% of my day that’s all it takes to inch toward that goal….I can make the time can you????

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