Hello 2014!

Well it’s been a little over a month since I updated…Over the holidays and being down to maybe one run a week I blessed myself with a gain of 8 pounds, my nice slim waistline has softened again and I realized how much I rely on running.

I miss it so much.

Three trips to the podiatrist and two cortisone shots later I really don’t feel much better after a run. I am wearing inserts in my super practical shoes, taping and stretching but to no avail. Crunch time is upon me and I am at a total loss as what to do, the 15K Heart Mini in March is rapidly approaching and I know that if I sign up I will go, and I will finish and I will pay for it for days. This injury has come at such a time that it really has impacted my total state of mind. I am reminded first thing in the morning that it’s still there….I wait 6,7,8 days between runs, and while I am out I feel great, I can go at least four without issue; come home stretch good, sit and rest, wait days…when is this ever going to get better? The Dr. says we can do more shots and laser therapy but it’s expensive and two days a week that I would have to leave work early because they don’t offer early/late appointments or on Saturdays, so not having the money or the opportunity eliminates that option.

Emotionally it’s been so difficult to see my progress stalled, and I want to go run, everyday, I love it, it’s such a release for me I pray that this foot heals soon, that I am able finally to attend my Flying Pig training group on Sunday mornings and learn from them, that I can see my body back where I want it to be. It seems that when nothing else is going my way, I can slip on my shoes and music and escape my reality for an hour and come back in a better mind set….

Weight Loss and Eating Right

 While I was such a bad ass runner all summer I also had very little appetite, heat + exercise does that to me, so I really lost sight of eating sensibly. Now that my activity is limited by my injury I have rededicated myself to watching my portions and indulgences. Weight Watchers introduced a new Simple Start program last week and the best explanation I can give to it is, eat clean. It’s centered around protein, lots of veggies, whole grains and moderate deviations. There is very little point counting, only the “indulgences” and I believe it’s a program that one could do as a lifestyle change. As with everything being sensible with portions is a must, drinking plenty of water, getting good sleep and trying to add in some activity and that’s pretty much me.

This past week the hubs and I have gotten back on track, prepping things days in advance so as not to use it as an excuse; budgeting one splurge meal a week was a highlight when making our grocery list and I am optimistic that this year we both will have success on reaching our goals.

I will get back to pictures of progress in a week or so, not quite ready to share where I am at now. Maybe even he will let me post some progress shots.

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