Renewed Dedication

I stepped on my scale today.   210.4 again

I slipped into running shoes today. 1.53 miles

My goal is attainable.


I have been nothing but excuses since October came to a close.

I have let one moment dominate my pursuance of my goal …and that I have to let go of, not everything is made to last.

It’s time to let that all go.

No more excuses, no more wasted time, no more setbacks blamed on outside forces.

I have to be responsible for my progress.

I want this.

I want to be below 200.

I want to reach my goal of 170-175.

I want to look at my reflection and see the woman, that I feel I am inside.

I sound like a child, want, want, want.

But it’s for my children I want this, to live a long healthy life to be with them.

To teach them to have a healthy relationship with food.

To spare them the ridicule of being called “fat” or told they have pretty faces, they do but they are mine, I am biased.

To help them achieve all that they can, on all fronts.

So today on still injured feet, I took that step toward goal recommital (yeah that’s a made up me word).

I have made good progress, I won’t deny myself the pride in the success that I have had; and the knowledge that I can do it is fuel to push me to meet my goal.

So next Sunday morning, weigh in again, take pictures and measurements, workout as much as I can this week, eat smart…measure success!!!

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