The Art of Starting Over

I think I have mastered this.

I get hooked on something and go full throttle, which generally leads to some quick success. Then I take it back a notch, comfortable with where I am at and slowly I creep back to where I started. This scenario is one I have repeated again and again, but this time has been different; I haven’t let myself get that far back that I am faced with a total do-over.

It’s no secret that Weight Watchers and I have had a love hate relationship, when I follow the program, go to the meetings, have a positive leader/meeting group, a place where I feel like I belong I do very well; when one of those elements is missing I cheat, I play “skinny-fat”, I manipulate the points, I take 20 points a donut breakfast and eat tons of fruit (now 0 points which is so misleading) and veggies, to only gorge myself later because I am starving. Did I learn anything other than how to work the system? How about fasting Friday and Saturday to have a total cheat day after weigh in? Does any of this lead to a healthy relationship with food? NO!!!!! It only reinforces my bad habits.  I won’t say that Weight Watchers doesn’t work, I will say for me after being there now 4-5 times there is little left for me to take from it, they re-invent the plan, however the ability to maneuver it, for me, is just a matter of time.

I have been talking a lot with a friend who has slowly been moving from the WW points system back to calories. All those “zero” point fruits we had been eating, because I know myself I was having at least 5-6 a day, do in fact have calories, one woman in my Sunday meeting once said she knew she gained because she added grapes, and more times than not I heard someone say I no longer have to hate my 2 point banana…guess what it was smarter to count those points, it’s more accurate. (Don’t hate, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it but I was broke I needed fixin’)

So based on a suggestion, I downloaded the “My Fitness Pal” ap Saturday. Entered in all my information, honestly (yeah all 213# of me), and began tallying everything that passed my lips, increasing my water intake, making more solid choices because calories don’t lie. I chose an aggressive plan, 2# loss a week, I get just over 1300 calories a day, and can earn more if I workout (huge bonus Run keeper will link to this program and adds my running right to my daily diary). It’s been an eye-opening few days. I have had to make smarter choices to make my calories count as best I can, actually cooking dinners, not just making some rice and saying the heck with it.

I am not done with Weight Watchers, I am still a huge supporter and would recommend,  I plan on using it in conjunction with it until I feel strong enough to do this alone, because at this blog’s inception the goal was for my own personal accountability to be enough; for me to be the driving force behind my relationship with food, fitness and family.

I also joined the half-marathon training plan the Run-keeper offers, when October comes I will be ready, my feet are feeling much better (check out it’s really given me the support I need); combining that with Jillian Michaels Revoloution and yoga via you-tube this is shaping up to be a good year for me.

I am looking forward with a very positive attitude, and a confidence that I really can meet my goals.

I’d like to give a huge CONGRATULATIONS to my hubby who has on his own lost over 30# since Christmas, I am hoping one day we can run a 5K together!




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  1. Floortime mama
    Apr 26, 2014 @ 15:25:00

    completely in agreement with you
    The fruit thing is just BS – it may work for people who do no ever eat any fruit so this does not pose a problem – but for someone who will work the system ( like me ) its a path to falure
    Also I think weightwatchers has gone too corporate- wth all their lines of fake food


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