Anatomy of My Run

Saturday was a beautiful day.

I was up at 6:30, thankful in my bed that the girls were worn out enough to still be asleep. I quietly slipped on my running shoes, to hear the footsteps of little people greeting me, but they were content to watch TV until daddy got up while I went to run.

It’s been a long time since I ran four miles, I know it was last year. This week my mantra has been that of do what feels good to my body. I set out intentionally with a goal and modify as I need to.

ANATOMY OF MY RUN: My runs now start with a yoga in the drive way; forward fold, downward dog, half downward dog, warrior two, forward fold, reach for the sun, set my intention for the run to feel the strength of my body,  as my muscles stretch I feel more relaxed, my back not as tense, my legs ready to go. Walk for a moment or two, ease into the run with a slow jog. Music running through my head, Clarity, Happy, Ricochet… pick up the pace. Down the hill, lose the music for a minute, up the hill it comes back, listen to my breath, feel my feet hit the pavement, strike in the middle, not the heel, think about it,  breath deliberately. One mile down, finally this year I have made it a mile straight, down, down, down, dreading the up that’s followed by a steeper up, “Run the whole thing, don’t quit!” reach the stop sign, smile at yourself. Turn left, two mile stop is close, today is the day I make four again. The sun peeking over the treetops now, I smile wider, the beat fuels me. My legs feel strong, my lungs don’t ache for breath, it all feels in sync, for a moment I consider stretching this to a six mile day and then remind myself I am still recovering, I don’t want my months of stretching and little runs to be for nothing; six and more will be here before I know it. Feel the sweat dripping down my arms under a long sleeved shirt, down the middle of my back, time to take the shirt off, instantly feel cooler, even a little chilly. Turn back into the subdivision. Down the hill, sprint it, run it hard, take advantage, down again, use it to push me up. Two more hills and head for home….walk in the door. Breathless. 50:02. It’s far from my best, but it felt amazing to go out and do it.

Running is therapy for me. I don’t need anyone to do it with me, I actually prefer to go alone. Many runs have a pause for tears, it’s when I am out there alone I can feel whatever I need to – sadness, pride, frustration, anger, joy – many of my runs there is a stretch where no one can hear me and sometimes I will scream, sometimes it’s really loud, but it lightens me.

I get home refreshed, renewed, able to give my love and attention to those who need it.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. weight2lose2013
    Apr 14, 2014 @ 18:40:41

    I can tell that the momentum is building within you by the way that you’ve described it today. Doing yoga prior to running sounds like an excellent way to stretch before the run. Kudos and keep it going!


  2. Cat Hiles
    Apr 15, 2014 @ 00:33:13

    Great post, and awesome job on your run! I feel the same–running is the best time to think about things, deal with feelings, and come up with creative ideas!


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