There is A Pond, In the middle of the forest…

Monday afternoon came along and I was here reading some of the blogs I love and came across a post from stuffmybrainthinks she posted a link to Oprah and Deepak’s Meditation Experience.

I have done meditation in the past, when I was in martial arts our Sensei at the end of the evening would have us sit Seiza, a calm would come over the room. His voice powerful, not loud, just strong….”There is a pond in the middle of the forest it is cool, calm, it has no ripples…” we would sit and over the minutes, some nights just a few some more than we knew our knees could handle; almost instantly I could feel my heart rate slow, my breathing light, the sweat dripping down the crease in my back, my knees soften, palms up, I could feel the heat radiating away from my body….”There is a pond in the middle of the forest it is cool, calm, it has no ripples…”

I decided to check it out, it’s free why not?? My mind could definitely use some structured relaxation, what an oxymoron that statement is.

Tuesday night, after a rather long day at work, I decided that  I was going to give this a try. I took a warm bath after getting everything ready for the next morning trying to let my mind be free of the things that were ahead of me, wanting this 20 minutes just for me.


  Oprah gave a very short introduction, Deepak provided the mantra for the session LAM  ( am security the centering though: My security and peace are within. The light piano music allowed me to only focus on the mantra, LAM…LAM…LAM. Laying in my bed in Savasana, the kids breathing heavily in their beds, Scott not home from class just yet, the dog had taken up residence in the recliner.Before I knew it the bell went off and the time had passed. I was so very calm, I crawled under the covers and had the best night sleep I have had in a very long time. I repeated this process on Wednesday night and then Thursday as the email for the next day comes in at 3am; I realize now that I can’t do meditation in the morning, I just fall back to sleep, thankfully traffic was light and I wasn’t late.

This journey to a healthier me I sometimes forget isn’t just a physical and mental adventure, it’s spiritual and emotional. I have to reshape and exercise all aspects of “self”. I am eager to see how this 21 day plan for meditation impacts me as a whole.



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