Memorial Day

I rarely get a three day weekend, this one was full of emotion and sharing time with the family, reflection and rest. I was able to sneak in naps two of the three days, both with at least one of my littles. This morning when I woke up I had planned for today to be a rest day but when I woke to my own cadence I saw the sun had just kissed the edge of the sky, the birds chirping and the hum of the freeway has been silenced by the leaves now thick and vibrant on the trees behind the houses. I lay there taking a soreness inventory, to my surprise nothing was tight or aching. I stretched and rolled into a child’s pose resting a long time, taking deep breaths and stretching my shoulders and back.

I want to run.
Time to run.

Its been a while since my body and head agreed. I’ve been pushing my body to do what my head says, today was different, I felt like the me of last summer. I wanted to feel my footfalls, the little bit of morning chill that would soon be swallowed up by the humidity and heat of summer. The littles heard me, I saw the golden heads pop up from the top bunk, “Morning
momma! Are you going to run?” “Yes, my loves. Let daddy sleep. Watch your watch and I’ll be back.” They stayed snuggled up as I shut the door behind me.

It wasn’t a great run, I seem to be stuck in this 12+/- minute mode, Last summer my best was around 10:30 I hope to get back there by August. i ran cautiously, thinking a great deal about many things that don’t matter, I counted 18 flags, kinda sad considering 6 were in my yard. The streets were empty with exception to the trash bins, who watched me run without a judging eye patiently waiting the garbage truck.

Everyone was awake when I got back, time for waffles and a parade. Time to pay tribute to those who are the bravest, those who gave their lives to give us our freedoms, there are no words that will ever be fitting enough.


8 Miles Later, I Was Last

Friday night while I was trolling Facebook I came across a post from Tri-State Running Company, a local running store, about the 6th annual Run and Slug your choice to run the 4 mile loop once or twice, timed for free! How could I not sign up, I committed to do the loop twice and after my submission thought, “Holy crap what did I do?” I haven’t run more than five since November and that was a painfully long 10k Thanksgiving morning, would my foot in new shoes tolerate 8 miles??? OK, breathe. I didn’t have to do it twice, I could stop at one, I could do six and walk the last two, my 10k is next weekend and that’s what I planned for today and then a few short runs this week.

This morning started out at the cemetery, visiting my Nana, it’s been two years. Still pinned to the vase on her headstone was my bib from the library run last summer. My mother, sister and I shared cookies and chatted and off I went feeling like I had a little angelic support with me.

Upon check in I was dubbed “the straggler” and that name would prove to hold weight for the day. I took off with the intent to run six and walk the last two, climbing the hill at the end of the first loop I felt good. Seeing my mother drive by and wave around mile two was the push I needed to get to the end of the first half. My new shoes
(second run in them) felt amazingly supportive, the laces stayed tied the entire time, it was already getting hot, but when the timer asked me stopping or going through I replied “going through” I knew in that moment when I came back to this spot no one would be there the clock read 51:25, I am slow but I was not unhappy with this. I began the second loop. I’ll admit to walking the big hill this time through, I knew if I didn’t making the six miles was going to be questionable, making the turn onto old main street and onto Rt. 18 I passed the school where I taught my first year of Kindergarten, on the radio came the song “You Gotta Be” I used that in my first graduation program and I knew right then anything less that running the entire 8 miles was unacceptable.

As Runkeeper told me I was at 7.5 miles, I forgot to change my notifications before I started, my time was 1:38 and ahead of me I could see a woman walking in a blue skirt and yellow top, my mom. I cried a little. I made the top of the hill and as I thought the tent was there but no one else.

I was last, but I ran all 8 miles. My first 8 miler, and certainly a lot more that I thought I was capable of right now. I have no doubt that my goal of completing a half this year is doable.

Update: Tuesday I got the official results and while I was last, I was less than 20 minutes behind the person who finished ahead of me.





I raged, I cried, I ate…

When I started this blog I promised myself it would be an honest account of my battle with food,  so here is my latest trial.

The last two weeks have been emotionally hard.

My husband and I have had a “stressor” introduced into our lives, something from the past that he had gotten advice on and are now realizing that it was bad advice. The day I learned about this I was really having a great day I had been up early to run, I had gotten a review unexpectedly and a small raise, I was so excited to tell the hubs all about it and then he hit me with the news…our whole world went upside down.

I raged, I cried, I ate….

That has pretty much been the cycle for the better part of two weeks; I have been so up and down over this that I actually became sick and have not been able to eat for the last two days, everything makes me feel ill. That being said, I stand in the kitchen and look at food, I think about how delicious some chocolate covered almonds would be, how a burrito bowl from Chipolte would be amazing,  and then I feel guilty, without having eaten any of it! I lay there in bed sick to my stomach and lusted after food, I was seeking comfort. I gave in last night and had a bowl of soup. The first bite my stomach soured at the contents I introduced to it, the second bite wasn’t much better, I finished the whole bowl – my body was telling me “no” my head told me “go ahead”.


I felt just like this!


I can’t eliminate stress from my life, it’s just not possible, but I believe that I can teach myself to manage it appropriately.  Over the next few weeks I am going to keep in mind that when a moment arises and I am tempted how my stomach felt when I ate that soup.

On the running front I have a week until my first 10K of the season, I have been out a few days each week, slowly getting back up to a more regular schedule as to not push my foot too hard. I had one run this week un-taped and I am eagerly awaiting a new pair of shoes, mine have well exceeded their 300 mile limit.

Weight progress…I am sitting right at 210. I suppose that’s not terrible all things considered. I haven’t gained anything this last two weeks, haven’t lost either.







Kettle Danish and 10%

No Carb Update Week One: Considering that we had new flooring installed in our kitchen, my bathroom and our little entry way, my house being a total mess (clean up still in process) and the stress of being all over the place to eat and prep meals because I insisted on pre-packing things we don’t use often to put into storage to make our “HOUSE FOR SALE” project go smoother…I did really well until Friday.

Friday is donut day at work. The management says it’s “quality control” since we manufacture the boxes for the bigger local bakeries. Every Friday in through the door around 9:30 are two 16x11x3 donut boxes from Busken Bakery, Graeter’s (they have better baked goods than ice cream in my opinion) and Servatii. I have discovered since working here that I love a Kettle Danish. I have made a deal with myself that’s the only item I am allowed to take from the box, if there isn’t one, I pass. But on no carb week, there is no exception??? I decided against it, I was hungry, and it was from my all time favorite Graeter’s. I thought about it for a good 20 minutes before I even took it from the box. Then I let it sit on a paper plate for another 15-20 minutes, drinking a bottle of water before I took a single bite. Then I just tore off the corner, and another bit, and another, until I was left with thisImage

My stomach was killing me, I didn’t really think that 4 days of changed eating would make me feel this ill from something I really enjoy. I let that sit in front of me for another hour, and then sadly I put it into the trash can. I couldn’t eat my lunch, my stomach was that upset. I am sure it will be quite some time before I take more than a sniff of one of these treats again.


On the exercise front  I have finally reached my 10% running goal for this year. I have to admit it’s been a tough road, and that 700 miles for the year goal I set for myself I foolishly thought would be an underestimation of what I would actually accomplish this year. With approximately 6 months give or take of running weather remaining I will have to log over 100 miles a month.

Last week I had my first five miler, I just wanted to be back within an hour. It was the first really humid night we have had, and I felt it, I was exhausted and emotional when I walked back through my front door. Then the anxiety set in regarding how my foot would feel in the morning, I stretched and massaged the muscle after a hot bath…next morning, very little discomfort. I have since logged another five miler and a 2.25 back to back and feel pretty confident that the 20 miles I want for this week is doable.

First event is 18 days away, my goal is  1:04 or less for a 10K, which for me is fast – my PR is 1:05, that was last Sept on an injured foot so I have high hopes of meeting this time.

My second hope for this first event (Cincinnati Reds Redlegs run) is to have my husband at the finish line, he’s never been with me to a race, and though I am never going to be the winner, the fastest it would mean the world to me for him to be there when I am done. He makes it possible for me to log longer runs, I have to do them in the evenings and weekends, he hangs with the kids often making dinner and giving baths; for him to see what he enables me to do…well I think it would be kinda special.


No Carb! #oscarthegrouch

All my life I’ve battled the bulge, being fluffy, curvy, thick, and oh let’s not forget my favorites of big boned and athletic. The past 15 months is the longest that I have had a decent loss and not regained it all, I must have finally made it to a stage in my life where I can control it somehow, I also realized that sometimes the addition of something new provides a kick start to wave of progress. Last year it was running, which I depend on for my exercise. I’ve looked into several new things, this time it had to be a new food adventure. I decided this weekend to try an Adkins-ish type of induction. The next two weeks I have planned out a virtually no carb menu.

Tonight I made several dozen of these amazing mini egg muffins. Inside these are a smorgasbord of veggies: peppers, squash, spinach, chives, mushrooms, asparagus, cheese and bacon. My oldest and husband taste tested and I got two thumbs up! As I venture ahead into this new world of no carbs, once again allowed a little mayo, more than a tablespoon of cheese, proteins, and veggies I am excited to cook new dinners and hopefully boost myself closer to my goal!!

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