I raged, I cried, I ate…

When I started this blog I promised myself it would be an honest account of my battle with food,  so here is my latest trial.

The last two weeks have been emotionally hard.

My husband and I have had a “stressor” introduced into our lives, something from the past that he had gotten advice on and are now realizing that it was bad advice. The day I learned about this I was really having a great day I had been up early to run, I had gotten a review unexpectedly and a small raise, I was so excited to tell the hubs all about it and then he hit me with the news…our whole world went upside down.

I raged, I cried, I ate….

That has pretty much been the cycle for the better part of two weeks; I have been so up and down over this that I actually became sick and have not been able to eat for the last two days, everything makes me feel ill. That being said, I stand in the kitchen and look at food, I think about how delicious some chocolate covered almonds would be, how a burrito bowl from Chipolte would be amazing,  and then I feel guilty, without having eaten any of it! I lay there in bed sick to my stomach and lusted after food, I was seeking comfort. I gave in last night and had a bowl of soup. The first bite my stomach soured at the contents I introduced to it, the second bite wasn’t much better, I finished the whole bowl – my body was telling me “no” my head told me “go ahead”.


I felt just like this!


I can’t eliminate stress from my life, it’s just not possible, but I believe that I can teach myself to manage it appropriately.  Over the next few weeks I am going to keep in mind that when a moment arises and I am tempted how my stomach felt when I ate that soup.

On the running front I have a week until my first 10K of the season, I have been out a few days each week, slowly getting back up to a more regular schedule as to not push my foot too hard. I had one run this week un-taped and I am eagerly awaiting a new pair of shoes, mine have well exceeded their 300 mile limit.

Weight progress…I am sitting right at 210. I suppose that’s not terrible all things considered. I haven’t gained anything this last two weeks, haven’t lost either.








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  1. weight2lose2013
    May 23, 2014 @ 14:03:51

    Stress definitely can inhibit weight loss. Check out this article:
    I hope that you’re doing better today, and if the stress doesn’t go away completely, that it lessens and becomes manageable.
    Take care,


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