Memorial Day

I rarely get a three day weekend, this one was full of emotion and sharing time with the family, reflection and rest. I was able to sneak in naps two of the three days, both with at least one of my littles. This morning when I woke up I had planned for today to be a rest day but when I woke to my own cadence I saw the sun had just kissed the edge of the sky, the birds chirping and the hum of the freeway has been silenced by the leaves now thick and vibrant on the trees behind the houses. I lay there taking a soreness inventory, to my surprise nothing was tight or aching. I stretched and rolled into a child’s pose resting a long time, taking deep breaths and stretching my shoulders and back.

I want to run.
Time to run.

Its been a while since my body and head agreed. I’ve been pushing my body to do what my head says, today was different, I felt like the me of last summer. I wanted to feel my footfalls, the little bit of morning chill that would soon be swallowed up by the humidity and heat of summer. The littles heard me, I saw the golden heads pop up from the top bunk, “Morning
momma! Are you going to run?” “Yes, my loves. Let daddy sleep. Watch your watch and I’ll be back.” They stayed snuggled up as I shut the door behind me.

It wasn’t a great run, I seem to be stuck in this 12+/- minute mode, Last summer my best was around 10:30 I hope to get back there by August. i ran cautiously, thinking a great deal about many things that don’t matter, I counted 18 flags, kinda sad considering 6 were in my yard. The streets were empty with exception to the trash bins, who watched me run without a judging eye patiently waiting the garbage truck.

Everyone was awake when I got back, time for waffles and a parade. Time to pay tribute to those who are the bravest, those who gave their lives to give us our freedoms, there are no words that will ever be fitting enough.


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