My legs are long and thick.
My hips wide and strong, my Dr. told me at 18 I was built for childbirth, they ache and I worry about following in my grandmother’s steps as I have in so many other ways.
My knees ache, years crouched behind home plate, and most of my life being overweight.
My feet feel things they previously haven’t felt, toes that have been broken and bruise; still freshly recovered from faciatiis.

Tonight I ran.

At 9:45 tonight after a long day, grocery shopping, mommying, I pulled on the pants and my favorite purple top, laced up my shoes and I headed out.

I turned the corner from the first uphill, my legs felt strong, for the first time in a long time feel I didn’t anything pulling, aching, nagging, I felt fast. I was disappointed when I hit 1.5 miles that my time was no better than it had been, just a bit above 12/mile; regardless I felt good.

I’m not feeling very confident about my 100 miles for the month, but the 10# I feel very good about!!



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  1. FatnForty
    Jun 14, 2014 @ 16:25:38

    Yes, yes, yes! That is just how I feel sometimes!


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