BIB No. 707: Queen Bee Half Marathon

After months and months of talking about it, training for it, being annoying as heck to everyone I know about it,  the day to put up or shut up finally arrived.


My Mom and Myself

I went to the Expo yesterday and got my packet, as I pulled my bib from the packet I got emotional I had forgotten the personalization I had put on it, “I LOVE ME” then to see the number 707 I knew that it was going to be a great run for me. My dad was the first person I called, I knew he would love the number. I sent the tracking app to the people who have been incredibly supportive along my journey to this test. I watched the weather all week, at the beginning it was going to be cold and wet, but thankfully weather prediction isn’t an exact science and at the beginning of the race it was in the upper 40’s and windy, it was cool but no rain. My friend Kris and I stood there waiting for the event to begin when I got a text from my mom, I expected a good luck but instead I got a “Where are you, you know I wouldn’t miss this.” I started crying right away, my mom has been to almost all of my timed events. She hugged me and told me how proud she was of me, I was so happy to see her. We were a crying mess. I crossed the start line at the very back of the pack and avoided all the congestion, all the pressure to keep a pace that would drain me too soon.

FullSizeRender The course started out with almost 3 miles all up hill, I knew that once I made it past that point there would be another steep hill around mile five and then it would be mostly down hill and flat. My first half pace was 11:25, which I was really happy with. I ran the first ten miles pretty steadily and the I hit my breaking point, I started to walk a touch here and there and dropped a 13+ min mile, the last three were all more than 13 mins but I was really struggling, this was only the second time I had run this distance. When I saw the 13 mile marker I gave everything I got. There was a woman who I had been following and passing, then falling behind, she said, “We’ve been together for a while now, ready t o finish this up?” I nodded and we pushed the last quarter-mile.


Crossing the finish line in 2:41:34, my goal was to finish in 2:45 or less, so goal met.

I don’t know that I have ever been more proud of myself. Without any formal training, group of runners to train with, only a plan I downloaded from a website with how much to run as the weeks went on, I did it.  I have no doubt that I will be able to reach my long-term goal of the Columbus Marathon in 2016.

I have to give thanks to all the people who supported me, my husband and kids who never once complained that I had to run 5 days a week, often leaving as soon as we got home from work, my parents for words of encouragement, my sister Robin for her tips on training, my friend Kris who ran today as well besting her previous half time by 15 minutes, some of the running momma friends I have on Facebook who posted continuously their runs and successes, and the other people in my life who took time to ask how my training was progressing.

…let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. ~Heb 12:1

Some other photos from today:




Kris and Myself


A not terrible action shot


Night before ritual photo





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