What my Teeth are telling me…

First off it’s 4am-ish and I have been awake for a few hours, I find myself lost in thought about my dental visit yesterday, and in discomfort from the cleaning. So what about a trip to the dentist has my mind reeling? I love the dentist, smooth, orange flavored, polished teeth; correction, I usually love it. Not so much this time. Since finding my dream dentist, and no hems not dreamy like the dentist in That Thing You Do, but the hygienist is friendly and they are a no BS group. I have little tolerance for BS, however as I write this I snicker because I am a master of it myself; oh right the dentist (whew had a moment there). She x-rays my head and says, “wow I see some changes!” Insert bad feeling in response to that comment. It’s been 18 months, I know because the last time I was there it was my 37th birthday, I got a new drivers license, I had on my all time favorite Lumineers t-shirt. She looks, the dentist looks, they communicate in numbers and letter pairings that I don’t understand, yet with all the money I have put into my mouth I should know, my hope for this visit was to plan the bleaching of a tooth I had a root canal in high school after being hit in the face by a ball lost in the sun. He asks me, “What habit had changed? You are doing something different.” Begin thinking….I’ve cut back on pop and gum, I exercise more, I eat better in general….I have a far too intimate relationship with antacids? “That’s it!” He exclaims. You have some kind of acid reflux, that with the acid you get naturally from food has put you in need of (ready) 4 crowns! GULP. I know that cost…$3800.00 before insurance best part, my dentist is out-of-network (the service is totally worth it). My share roughly $2000.00. There isn’t anything I can do about the damage done. I don’t want to lose my teeth (insert rude joke about living in Ky and being a toothless hillbilly). He suggested I see my GP ( who I HATE, stress that) about having acid reflux.

Whoa….nope. I know what causes it, so now I have to manage it. Here’s the plan for the next six months:

No soda of any kind, water and sparkling water only.
No gum or candy, beware people it’s not gonna be pretty.
OTC acid controller for a month.
Crest Pro-Health Complete toothpaste and rinse (dentist recommendation) 3x a day and more religious flossing.

The benefits will not just be in my mouth but overall health, I’ve been wanting to kick the soda habit and this is the catalyst I needed. I have a thing for clean, pretty teeth. I’ve been wanting braces but waiting for the financial load to lighten a little, that remains on the back burner.

Body Beast: Week 3 and Making Grown-up Decisions


Three weeks in and I have to admit, I hate it. I guess I should have done more research, this was the wrong program for me. I love the cardio and abs day but the rest, meh. The leader is incredibly annoying, and there is so much down time I spend more of the workout waiting for the next set to begin that I feel guilty counting it as exercise. That being said I will complete the program because a quitter I am not. Thanks, Dad.

The husband loves it and says he feels like it’s a good workout for him, and I can tell there is a difference. The first time we did the cardio he couldn’t finish it and now he’s right there with me.

I am suffering through the cold streak and haven’t been running because it is so cold, if the sun would just come out! I want to go so badly and then I open the door and say hells no. (yes it’s an excuse) I was given a week where it was warm and went out three of the days at lunch and got in three miles on each of them, and the next few days it’s supposed to be above 20.


The biggest decision I have had to make┬áright now is that I will not be doing any paid events this year, with exception to the Fourth of July 5K. After looking at our budget and the reality that we will not be able to afford to send our children to the school we want to, because the aftercare is SO expensive that we are going to have to move to a school district that I do find acceptable; I rethought my race schedule and how selfish it is of me to take money from our budget for racing. Mentally and emotionally this is extremely difficult for me; this one thing, running timed events has been the motivator for me pushing myself the last two years, and now I have lost that as well. I have 5 passes left for yoga that I paid for last fall and then I will lose that as well. I know there is sidewalk everywhere and yoga on you-tube but it’s not the same. There is no run I can do alone that gives me the same satisfaction as an official time (crazy I know for someone who will never win anything); there is no online video that is the same as sharing space with people doing their practice, have you ever tried trying to do yoga in a full house with no space and a dog who must be up your rear all the time? It’s not calming at all.

Wow, what a poor-me post. Can’t help it, it’s where I am right now. No sugar-coating, no hiding. I want to feel like it’s going to turn around, that we will find a way to make it all work, but right now in this moment, the cloud is hanging awfully low.

I will post 4 week BB pics and stats, maybe it is working and I just don’t feel it.

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