15k….With No Prep


Ok so I ventured out this chilly Sunday morning around 6am shaking my own head at myself, I really did want to go and at the same time I really wanted to go back to bed, but hey this new vibrant top and sparkly Sweaty Band (best hair holder backer ever) how could I not try. With my ever faithful supporter, mom, in the car I arrived promptly 10 minutes after the offical start, I hate being late to anything, except this. I know crossing the line alone is best for my head. That first mile taking it easy I thought, 12:09 which for this time of year is good for me, I glanced over the seemingly breathing Ohio river, the sun golden on the fridgid water, the music in my head and I knew this is exactly where I was supposed to be at this moment. I watched the course that spanned the length of Columbia Parkway and back seeing the steady rise and fall of hills knowing I had to listen to me or I would fade later. Mile two behind me I hit my stride, 11:49.  My playlist pushing me, the vibration of my phone in my pocket I knew were texts from home, my sisters, my friend Alyssa and more. One foot followed the other and before I knew it I hit the turn around. The first half running with the wind behind me I knew it would be at my left and front until I bent back into the heart of the city. Mile 4:69, the sun broke through clearly and Here Comes the Sun, people may think I make this up but every run when the sun finally hits me full force that song comes on within moments, unplanned, not searched for, I call it a little bit of fate. I spent the next 3 miles in a steady footfall and then I felt my left foot was off, note to self break in new shoes more prior to a long distance. Miles 8 through the finish were painful thanks to the blister on my little toe, but never has pain stopped me, maybe slowed me but never stopped. The last right turn I looked at my watch to see I was at 1:59 no way was I going to put up a 2+ hour time for less than 10 miles. The last little bit of the mile I pushed everything I had. I know I probably look stupid but to me it felt good, longer strides, and crossed at 1:59:37, on my watch a 12:45 pace – coincidentally the same pace I had for both halves last fall.

I was good with my finish.

On another note, ahead in my life are coming some big changes, I am not ready to share just yet (vague isnt nice I know) but I would sincerely appreciate any spare positive energy anyone has, as I am sending mine out as well. 

You have always had the power mt dear, you just had to learn it yourself.” ~ The Wizard of OZ

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