Runaversary: Three Years of Running

2013 I signed up for my first 5k, the Edgewood Fourth of July event I did it to push myself to do something I wasn’t built to do, now I realize that running can be for any build, age, and level of fitness; it’s more mind over body than anything. 

In three years I have logged over 1,000 miles, worn out 6 pairs of shoes, learned about KT tape, hydration, pacing myself, the power of the playlist, the pain/frustration of injury and me. 

That is what I have learned the most about: me.

I am far from perfect in every aspect, I fail as much as I succeed, from each of those I learn something; but when I go out for every run, even the ones I have to push myself to begin, at the end I feel accomplished. Its when I run I can really let go, I can cry or scream, run as fast as I can and then walk, I can stop and admire where I am at, I can push myself to go just a little further than I planned and accept sometimes cutting it short is ok as well. I highly doubt that I will ever win an event, but having finished events last is humbling, the greatest reward is knowing I did it, and each personal voictory is for me. I don’t run to please anyone, to boast or  prove a point (anymore), I run because I need to. I love the way my body transforms by the end of the season, even though I am thick I am leaner and more tone, I am sun kissed and firm. I really love my body. 

I can’t imagine my life now without it and I realize that tons of people run, run more than myself, faster and with more grace, kudos to them, I hope they get from it what I do. I realize that its a very popular thing to participate in now, I also have many people tell me how much they hate it and guess what that’s ok as well. To each his or her own.

The things we are passionate are not random, they are our calling. I believe I started running when I needed to and now it’s part of who I am.

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