Honor Thy Body

I think updating daily will remind me to be thoughtful of everything I honor my body with ~ honor and body do those go together?


So often we hear, “your body is a temple” if that is true, and I now believe it is, then honor and body are a perfect marriage. Our bodies are amazing! We deserve to gift ourselves nutricious foods that feed us to live, thrive, love. 

I have spent much of my existance as a: big, thick, althetic, curvy, girl/woman. Soooo polite FAT people for more of my life than not I have been FAT. For many reasons that people turn to food I’ve been in that spot. The relationship with food the only one I could always lean on, go to, get temporary gratification through. I admit – I’m a big girl, I am clinically obease, I am overweight. You’re thinking dam is she ever gonna get to the freaking point yes I am. I love ME. It’s been a very long time since I didn’t hate what was looking back at me, I think when P was a baby (5years ago). It’s been a long road but I really am in love with me. I am making the choices I need to be healthy, setting goals, sharing with others in the same situation. The branch out to the Whole 30 has given me time to be creative with food, diligent to label reading and I am just 4 days in down 6# and feel more hydrated (close to a gallon of water a day). I grace myself with real foods, foods that do more good than harm; I am listening to my bodily cues and eating when I am hungry and abstaining when I am not. I would love something sweet – fruit is great but its not chocolate. 

I honor my family by working toward being a model of determination, strength and focus. This is a better way to exist. I am happier, even with a detox headache, I have slept well all but one night this week, my run yesterday wasn’t faster but felt dam good. I feel very positive that things for me are headed in the right direction, all be it slowly, feeling like I am climbing in not sinking deeper.

I didn’t take a day 1 photo but here is a day 3 and 4. 

The shirt is from the Kohl’s Jrs dept the skirt from Walmart (Ive had it for a few years)

Fantastic dress from Target (shhhh it’s a Medium). Also comes in a stunning black and grey. I love it because it frames my kick ass shoulders, I was born with them that way.
So I have unpacked a lot of self love here, honoring  my self worth, self love and zeal for a happy and fulfilling life. 

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