Whole 30: Week 1

 Week 1 was mostly successful! I followed the plan to the letter until Saturday night when we had pizza, I was tired, didn’t feel like cooking and the girls wanted pizza, and did I ever pay for it. My stomach yelled at me for hours, that in itself was a sign that I was doing things correctly. Sunday I was full of motivation after my best 8 mile run ever to make not one but two new recipies! Buffalo Chicken Soup and Orange Chicken with Coconut Cauliflower Rice; I cut, chopped, measured and waited. When the time came to taste, the warm spoon touched my lips and my word they were both awful and when I say that I mean Scott who eats anything couldn’t figure out a way to make them edible. Lesson learned – dont count your chicken recipies before they hatch, my whole week of chicken went in the trash. With no backup plan, because who would have thought both would be inedible, we had pancakes. It was fun and the girls loved the process and adding fruit made them feel like chefs.

How this could have turbed out…I have spent my whole life “dieting” I have learned that a lifestyle change includes accepting the fact that real life happens, recipies fail, impromptu dinners with family or the occasional date night, happen. The perspective to take in those instances is to make the best choice possible and not make yourself miserable. Summer 2003 Weight Watchers was MY LIFE my then husband and I went to a cookout at a friends house. I was so focused on staying “on plan” that I ended up alienating myself from everyone to inhale the cheeseburger I swore I wouldn’t eat because I didn’tknow anything   about it; when no one was watching, the feeling of ostrasizing myself led me to feel depressed and I fed it. Today I would have made the choice to enjoy the hamburger and whatever side I brought that I knew was me friendly and enjoyed the party instead of the self-sabotage I applied in the past. 

Was I 100% successful? No.

Did I make significant progress? YES!

Measurements will be taken again day 30, weight I will check in sporadically. 7 days into the program I am down   6#’s. 

I have officially eliminated soft drinks. I planned most of the and shopped better after the experience of the first week. Recipies, hummm there are so many out there but I will be sticking to only one new adventure per week entree wise. Breakfast and lunch remain eggs, protein and salad greens, fruit and nuts/seeds. I am not missing dairy or added fat (butter). 

My heavy leg theory: I feel like my legs are better when I run. I am not dreading it, when I start this last week I have run every mile I planned. Sunday morning when I finshed my 8 I was stunned to see 1:35.03 that is my best by 3 minutes and my previous 8 this year was 1:47 that is HUGE!!!! I have a lot more confidence in my ability to complete Columbus in the goal I set for myself

Mood & Food update coming tomorrow!!

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