Far from Successful – Woe Is Me 

I survived one week, 7 days exactly on the Whole 30 plan I was sooooo dedicated and excited for – I felt better. Then life happened and I fed it, I don’t even remember why now but that’s how I coped. I ran really we that one Saturday, for some reason that wasn’t enough. I keep telling myself one day it’s all gonna click and I will stick with my intention and find the success I have been working on for decades. I went to yoga tonight, I usually love it, but tonight I cried because I felt like a failure – my 15 mile run yesterday has me so defeated crying is all I feel upto. Literally everything hurts – if that’s what 15 did to me what in the hell will I be like after 26.2??? 

I am prepared to try the Whole 30 again this week, and I will head out this weekend and run 17. I will do this because I said I would. I paid good money to run this event, its my only shot at a vacation this year, I will feel something after, right?! 

This is a pretty miserable post but its where I am tonight…the only one awake, tear stained cheeks, next to a smelly but sweet dog, a snoring man, my lovlies in bed dreaming wonderful dreams and nothing but the billion thoughts running through my head. Until next time…  



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