20 miles and Acceptance

Last Sunday morning before most people I know had even thought about getting out of bed, I was placing water stops, lacing up and heading out for my final long run before Columbus. It was around 6:30 am when I finally hit foot to pavement. The distance ahead daunting, this was the third attempt, my previous two foiled by a possible injury which I now believe to be the beginning stages of faciatis, the other by poor pre-run meal planning. This was it. No excuses I would finish 20 by any means physically possible. Miles 1-15 were really not too bad.  I had eaten well and decided this run to turn my phone off, anything could wait until I was done. Miles 16-18 I really struggled, 19-20 I was beat, soaked, sore but so close. 

I finished, 4:32:57 burning close to 6,000 calories, consuming 80+ oz of water, 12 gels (which I hate) a banana and 4 oranges. I stood on the corner of US42 and Hopeful Rd. and I cried. Then I walked to my car and savored orange juice. Heading home I smiled from ear to ear with tears streaming down my face. This one accomplishment meant more to me than most things I have done in life, outside of being a mother my relationship with running has taught me so much. Its so very simple and uncomplicated, its 90% mental, 5% physical and 5% crazy. I felt ready to tackle a marathon course…

Then Thursday happened. I love my car, its a total piece of crap, I am a magnet for weird vehicle happeneings, but the sunroof and radio make my day. Until it started making this noise, I am a woman who knows nothing about cars. Forced to put it in the shop, the news on the cost of the repair stole me dream. All my hard work lost in one phone call. There will not be a marathon run for me on the 18th in Columbus, if I can plot a course here I may still do it, but my vision of tapping a finishers mat, hanging the poster in my office, gone. Being an adult I accept that there isnt anything I can do to change this. Acceptance is a distasteful medication but for some reason this is the path I am supposed be on. Columbus will have to wait. 


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