2nd annual Honorrun Half Marathon 

So it was genius to run a half less than a month after a full – I am that kind of crazy. This run is for a cause I feel strongly about, veterans. Specifically for the Honorflights, making travel possible for veterans to make a trip to Washington DC. I wasnt sure I would even be able to participate my running budget exhausted, a request for coupons or a discount code on Facebook led to a sponsorship for this and the Thanksgiving Day 10K from my brother, Nick. I was shocked by the offer and excited that I would indeed be able to participate in these two final events of  my 2015 season. 

As race day dawned I remembered the inagural run, a miserable 16 degrees and telling my faithful few in person supporters to please stay home; not this year it was a beautiful 39 accompanied by a slight breeze; who in their right mind thinks 39 is beautiful?? Trust me it was like a heatwave by comparison. After my disappointing marathon finish I realigned my thoughts, this has always been about finishing for me, not the time, and with that as one of my forethoughts I placed myself at the back of the pack and crossed the mat at 7:05 am. I can’t lie, the thought of this distance so close to the marathon for me was slighlty intimidating. The sun rose at 7:20 exactly the same time as last year, just I encountered my first veteran. I had promised myswlf I would stop and thank each of these heros along the way, this wasnt about me, it was for them. He was an elderly gentleman on the corner of Hopeful Road, his hat clearly designated him as a Vietnam Veteran. He walked with a cane and a twinkle in his eye. My hand met his, my eyes met his and I simply said “Thank you, sir” he said “No, thnak you” why would he thank me?? I smiled at him and went along my way, thankfulmy face covered the tears streamed down my face and my heart swelled, that initial interaction was all the confirmation that I needed to know this was what I was supposed to be doing at this moment, for the remaining 11 miles I stopped for every man, woman and their families the ones I could identify as military, active or vet, and made that same connection. 

My time of 2:54 was not my best by a long shot,but my experience has by far been the most memorable and enjoyable. 

On November 15,2016 I ran with purpose of gratitude, respect and appreciation. I am a very patriotic person. I am pround to be an American, despite all the negative there is in the world I do feel incredibly blessed to live in a country where its citizens choose to be part of the military. They choose to put their life before ours. They are brave enough to do what I could not. I am the pround granddaughter of a WWII veteran, the niece of a veteran with too many deployments to identfy him with just one, the co-worker and friend of veterans. My run only helped partially with one trip to DC but this one run, this one stretch of 13.1 miles brought to my head the clarity that I have been searching for longer than I can recall.

Thank you.


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