Setting Goals

2016 is more than half over. I haven’t achieved much in respect to physical improvements. I’ve run 58 miles this year and I’ve gained 20#. I have had little to no motivation. But that ends here today. Ok, I’ve made this claim repeatedly but I have set my sights on running Columbus again next fall, it will be our 10th anniversary weekend away, we are budgeting now so we don’t have to stress about it. 

The ultimate goal is to finish in 5:30 or less. I know if I put my mind to it, follow my plan, I know this is doable.

Nana also said, “Yard by yard life is hard, but inch by inch life is a sinch.”  So here goes:

Marathon planning Inch by Inch:

8/21/16: Today begings focus on water. I need to drink 110 oz of water a day. For the next seven days that is what I will concentrate on. Run 2 miles a day.

8/28/16: Menu planning and actually sticking to that menu planning. Clean healthy meals 6 days a week with one indulgence a week. Run 2 miles a day. Drink 110 oz water a day.  

September: running goal 50 miles for the month

9/4/16: Continue meal planning, 110 oz water daily, resume half training plan running a min of 2 miles a day 5-6 days a Eeek 

9/11/16: Meal planning, water consumption, running plan – reward self with a hot yoga class this week! 

I’m trying shorter goals. Saying I want to lose 50# is a great goal, but thats a huge goal, its an endurance goal and for now I need a sprint goal, something I can realistically do in a short amountn of time that is beneficial, can be added to, and isnt overwhelming. 

Weigh in days will be Mondays and I will try really hard to not be a daily scale fanatic. 

Fabulous and 40

Well it  happened people. I turned 40 this week. I have been dreading this since I turned 39, no idea why. I started my birthday smiling at being at peace with myself. A friend sent me a message and reminded me that in the past year I have overcome some prettt difficult inner demons and looking ahead with a postive attitude and a full heart made more sense than and attitude of defeat and dread. I thought about that a lot, why was 40 bothering me? I don’t feel “middle age” (and yes I recieved 3 text messages welcoming me to middle age), I don’t think I look “middle age” (or I am lied to alot), I definitely have days I feel it. I invested in some self reflection and fell asleep for a few hours before greeting the morning and my beautiful girls. No one at work knew it was my birthday, so I avoided the dreaded birthday cake. I had lunch with the husband, picked up cupcakes – which melted before we ate them, finished my work day out and headed to get a tattoo – only one of two things I wanted. My sister sat with me as we added to my right sleeve; I almost fell asleep. My night ended with my girls having cookies and ice cream. It was really the most perfect day. 

I have been running pretty much just on the weekends, school starts next week and I am planning on pre-work runs so we are on time daily. The rest of 2016 is dedicated to getting back on a regular regime, a solid clean food plan, strenghtening my body for next year and dropping 40-50#.

I plan on the following:

Heart mini 15k

Flying Pig Half

Redlegs 10K

Fourth of July 5K (33 min goal)

Honorrun Half

Thanksgiving Day 10K

I realize that recovery is a slow and difficult journey, its humbling and educational.  I’ve said all of this several times, through repition however we reinforce our goals. The remainder of this year I am working toward the Honorrun half Nov 13th, I’d like to see a 2:45 finish or less, but being able to train dedicatedly and complete the course is the real goal.  

This morning I had my second back to back run – in fact less than 12 hrs apart. So far I feel pretty good, my ankle isnt tight or swollen. I am going to try for a third day tomorrow and then a day off Monday. I know how my body feels when I run 5-6 days a week, I need that. 

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