Well week one was a success for 2.5 days. Then not so much. I gained .8#. I am actually sitting in the tub crying. Why can’t I stick to a plan? I did great on Monday, and Tuesday then Wednesday hit…it rained and rained and rained and I felt my mood plummet. I didn’t sleep and that led to an awful Thursday and well by then the week was a waste. I got out for a 4 mile walk/run Sunday after sleeping 90% of Saturday away. I’m sitting in my tib, my sanctuary feeling like a fat sack, disgusted hy my own body. I have a meeting tomorrow and dreading getting dressed. I have almostnothing  that fits, its been years literally since I was this fucking fat.

Sorry no good news from me. Maybe some sleep will make a difference. 

Day 2/365

Somedays we can’t all be bubbles and sunshine. Today is one of those days. I could give two poops about anyone else. My everything aches and I know its the rain. I am 3 days into my personal challenge and my body is fighting it. I gave in and had a sandwich for lunch in lieu of my protein packed salad, my head screaming for caffeine (I have decreased my soft drink intake from roughly 36oz to 12oz and I sip that sucker) and substance, something crunchy. I love the meals I have been making the last few days, but they don’t have the bulk I am used to, and yes I am drinking water a minimum of 64oz a day.  

I did get out and lampost interval walk/run last night and it felt pretty good. The stone bruise on my right foot is easing up as I use the accupressure technique I found on youtube – though I was skeptical it has lessened since Monday. I am feeling a bit bloated and chalking that up to the soup I had for dinner last night. Under my calories, I just wasn’t hungry and that probably has added to my being starving today.  The scale moved a little to the left I said weigh in would be Mondays but for a while I may keep up with daily not sure. Here’s to a better attitude tomorrow.

Day 1/365 day challenge

I woke up this morning when my alarm went off at 5:00am and I snoozed it. I wanted to lay there another hour and rest. I didn’t want to Monday (and I dont drink coffee.)

Then I remembered the promise I made to myself, Monday – day 1 toward an inproved me. So I peeled myself out of bed and quietly pulled out running clothes kissed the hubs and walked out to the kitchen; where I was greeted by #1 who was wide awake. Determined I gave her clothes and turned on tv until I retruned. I knew from the get go today would be a walk. A massive calf cramp in the middle of the night that hadn’t worked itself out all the way made the decision. This week’s plan is simple – move for 45 minutes everyday, run or walk, a combination -> get my ass out of the house and move! And to my surprise I was able to keep an acceptable pace and walked back into the house a few minutes after six. I finished grooming #1 and struggling with #2 (nothing there is easy), made breakfast grilled cheeses for all except myself, they both assembeled thier lunches thanks to my prep work yesterday and exited at 7:03 am. 

Before I got dressed into work clothes, I put on my measurement outfit; I find this to be an important ritual for me. I chose this pair, the only pair of running shorts I own. They look terrible but (!) there in lies some motivation – they will look great! 

No frills or filters here I am:
Weigh in will be once a week on Mondays

Measurements will be every 4th Monday

Abdomen: 41 1/2″

Thigh: 27 1/4″

Calf: 20″

Bust: 45 1/2″

Arm: 16 1/2″

Hips: 44 1/2″

Weight: 228.8 and I am 5’6.75″ tall


tops L or XL 

bottoms 14/16, L or XL 

I think its really important to take measurements and be aware of clothing sizes because weight loss isnt always evident on the scale sometimes there is a muscle build or shift that reflect in clothing and inches. FWIW taking pictures of yourself is not an easy thing to do but once seen side by side it really makes an impact.

So goodbye before me and hello version 2017!!

Meal prep: Total success for today! Dinner just needs to be reheat and veggies steamed. I have a pork loin I will prep tonight for the rest of the week.

Out Of Order

I have had a rough start to the day. Up at 6:30 with a bad cramp in my left calf it ran down into my foot and toes. A warm bath soothed it but its very tender to step on. It’s quarter after twelve and I have hardly been out of bed. Im a little down even though the sun is shining. I realize that when my house is not in order it makes me feel out of out of order. 

I have myself planning the beginning of my 365 challenge tomorrow. Weigh in on Monday motivates me to behave on the weekends. So Monday, proverbially it is. 

Week One: 10/17 – 10/23 initial weigh in, measurements and photos.

Meal prep: I am going to continue my goal of not being wasteful of the things I have in the house.

Breakfast: steel cut oatmeal and a 1/2 c cantaloupe. Water.

Snack: medium honeycrisp apple and 1T raw almond butter

Lunch: spinich salad with raw veggies 1/2c @4oz rotisserie chicken, and 2T dressing (using up what I have on hand) 

Snack: walnuts and baby carrots

Dinner: 4-6oz rotisserie chicken, 1c steamed broccoli, 1/2c brown rice

Water goal: min 64 oz – max 110 oz

Exercise: walk or run 30-45 mins depending on ankle strength plus Monday at home workout plan 

A One Year Challenge

This weekend last year I was marathon ready. I was a very tone 207#. This morning was a wake-up call. I am a depressed, sad, fat 228#. The trip to the Orthopedist that should have given me hope was the death sentance of my motivation “There is no marathon in your 2016.” That was my big goal, Columbus Redemption. In those few words he deflated all my hopes and dreams, much like Squidward. 

I literally gave up. After two trips to PT and a therapist who did ultrasound therapy on the wrong part of my foot I lost confidence in that.

Here I am today miserable and fat. I struggle with a 5k (and am signed up for a half on Nov 13). But everyone starts or restarts somewhere. Columbus is a year away. I have one year to improve myself, I dislike the word change here because I am ok as I am, but I know my potential.


I am a mom of two.

I work full-time.

I carry many burdens on my shoulders.

Life this year has been one challenge after another.

I can’t afford a plan or program.

I know what to do -> it’s mindfuless in every decision I make.

There is no shame in making time to meal plan, exercise and sleep. 

I never quit. 

Soooo whats my grand plan this time; look back I say this over and over seemingly to say it again so this is the time to make a sincere LIFESTYLE COMMITMENT.

Life isnt easy in big sections. Life is much easier in small bites.

Week one toward Columbus Redemption:

Walk/run at least 60 minutes this week

Plan meals that fuel my body and mind, not my emotions.

Get 5-6 hours a sleep, 5 days this week. 

Start small. Weigh in next Saturday morning with pics and measurements. 

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