A One Year Challenge

This weekend last year I was marathon ready. I was a very tone 207#. This morning was a wake-up call. I am a depressed, sad, fat 228#. The trip to the Orthopedist that should have given me hope was the death sentance of my motivation “There is no marathon in your 2016.” That was my big goal, Columbus Redemption. In those few words he deflated all my hopes and dreams, much like Squidward. 

I literally gave up. After two trips to PT and a therapist who did ultrasound therapy on the wrong part of my foot I lost confidence in that.

Here I am today miserable and fat. I struggle with a 5k (and am signed up for a half on Nov 13). But everyone starts or restarts somewhere. Columbus is a year away. I have one year to improve myself, I dislike the word change here because I am ok as I am, but I know my potential.


I am a mom of two.

I work full-time.

I carry many burdens on my shoulders.

Life this year has been one challenge after another.

I can’t afford a plan or program.

I know what to do -> it’s mindfuless in every decision I make.

There is no shame in making time to meal plan, exercise and sleep. 

I never quit. 

Soooo whats my grand plan this time; look back I say this over and over seemingly to say it again so this is the time to make a sincere LIFESTYLE COMMITMENT.

Life isnt easy in big sections. Life is much easier in small bites.

Week one toward Columbus Redemption:

Walk/run at least 60 minutes this week

Plan meals that fuel my body and mind, not my emotions.

Get 5-6 hours a sleep, 5 days this week. 

Start small. Weigh in next Saturday morning with pics and measurements. 

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