Day 2/365

Somedays we can’t all be bubbles and sunshine. Today is one of those days. I could give two poops about anyone else. My everything aches and I know its the rain. I am 3 days into my personal challenge and my body is fighting it. I gave in and had a sandwich for lunch in lieu of my protein packed salad, my head screaming for caffeine (I have decreased my soft drink intake from roughly 36oz to 12oz and I sip that sucker) and substance, something crunchy. I love the meals I have been making the last few days, but they don’t have the bulk I am used to, and yes I am drinking water a minimum of 64oz a day.  

I did get out and lampost interval walk/run last night and it felt pretty good. The stone bruise on my right foot is easing up as I use the accupressure technique I found on youtube – though I was skeptical it has lessened since Monday. I am feeling a bit bloated and chalking that up to the soup I had for dinner last night. Under my calories, I just wasn’t hungry and that probably has added to my being starving today.  The scale moved a little to the left I said weigh in would be Mondays but for a while I may keep up with daily not sure. Here’s to a better attitude tomorrow.

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