3/30 & A habit calendar

I saw some article where a woman kept a habit calendar…I remeber telling parents when I taught that new habits took 21 days at minimum to establish, so the first 3 weeks of school would seem tough but set the tone for the year and then smooth sailing until graduation. For most students this was a very true statement; so why in all my infinite wisdom (insert sarcastic undertone) why haven’t I ever applied this same thought to myself?!?! #dumbsmartperson I have challeneged myself to a 5k a day for 30 days. Why not start a habit calendar of my own? Bonus I love things that are organized and let me see progress especially when we alllll know that weight loss and fitness are slowly visible changes. So today on my lunch hour I am going to create a 30 day habit calendar! I started  couple days early because February is a short month and I need to prove to myself I can achieve something I set out to do by my own accord. 

I will be tracking:

5k a day

Blue Dot challenge (WW makes your day a blue dot if you stay within your point allotment) 

Water consumption

Reading for 20 mins a day (to myself or the kids)

I think this is ambitious enough for the first attempt! I’m excited by little boxes filled with pretty colors and my own motivation for success. 
Yay me! 


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