Well here I am Week 4!!





I am down -13.8# . I have one pair of jeans that are on the verge of donation. The other is still just a bit too snug to be an everyday wear, I think 5-10 more pounds and I can officially say so long to my first pair of fat girl pants.


What did I do different this week? 

I dusted off my food scale and I weighed everything that I could. I kept up with fruits with meals and in between. I didn’t give up when my elliptical died on me, I started walking outside, it’s not the same intensity at all so I will have to find something else that will give me that, that I can make work with the time I have available and zero budget. I do love a challenge.

Speaking of challenges we are having one at Weight Watchers until St.Patty’s Day – for attendance which won’t be an issue, I won’t miss meetings unless of a family emergency (so no emergencies y’all) and the other for most weight lost. Anyone who knows me knows I love a challenge, and I admit that I am a terrible loser. So I will do everything in my power to aid my partner and I to be the winners in that one.


This Girl is on Fire — http://youtu.be/tNl99BLmlUs hands down my favorite workout song currently.

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