52 weeks and 52 pounds

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror on Saturday – who is this person I see? Certainly it isn’t me. Step on the scale 230# ???? How did I get here, again? My jeans a size 16 again, my shirts XL again …. it has to stop.

I gave myself Sunday.

The buck stops here – I want to look the way I feel, attractive and sexy. What I see in my reflection is neither of these.

So I dug out The FIRM set I got umm three maybe four years ago. I started day one tonight. I am impressed that I didn’t pass out, I competed most of the movements with the lead instructor not the beginner one. Tomorrow is an off day for the program but something light is suggested so I will stroller with the girls or do the elliptical when they go to bed – probably the latter since I need to work on the deck some more and it’s difficult to do that in the dark.

MONDAY 9-10-12 :Day 1 week 1 – weight 227.4

SUNDAY   9-13-13:  Day 7 of week 52 is 175.4


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