6 Week Progress Check & Set backs

Well it’s been six weeks since I re-joined Weight Watchers again.

I have lost 16.4# that’s 7% of my starting weight.

I am very pleased. The husband said he can feel that I am slimmer, and I can see it a little bit as well (forgive me for not smiling I had just gotten off a tread climber and I was beat).

The running has been a challenging addition to my routine but I am slowly making progress to being able to run for 90 seconds at a time as per the program.

I am not sure what my weigh in will be this week. I have spent the week chaperoning two boys at their house and food there is very difficult, I brought the things I needed to be successful, however a health issue combined with the fat kid’s dream of a pantry trumped me in an emotional state. I gave myself two days to absorb what my Dr. told me and I am back on track today. ┬áPart of me wants to skip Sunday, the fear of seeing a gain is big, but part of me says I need to accept that, it’s a real life moment. When I do achieve my goal weight, I won’t magically stay there, some weeks I will be up a little and others down a little, part of the goal is accepting “flex”. Teaching myself that I didn’t fail, I didn’t give up, I had a moment of weakness that everyone is entitled to, it’s how I continued on after that.

Today was a positive step, I exercised before I left for work and I took it a little easier than I normally do, but it’s what felt right to my body. The weather might be making a turn for the better this weekend and I will get back on my running program.

The food challenge isn’t as difficult when I am at home, I don’t buy things I don’t have will power over. So I supposed I accept this real life moment and go Sunday, and I know I won’t be happy with the result, but I will also know that it’s one week, it doesn’t define me, it doesn’t mean more that I am human.



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