win, win, win, WIN

Starting with Week 4 I am really dedicating to making exercise a priority. The weather is rapidly changing, this girl does not do cold well so the option of ¬†walks outside are slimming. So I dusted off the elliptical, yes it had cobwebs on it, armed myself wit my MP3 player (don’t hate ghetto technology it’s 7 years old and still works just fine for me), big cup of water and nothing but 30 minutes ahead of me. I sing silently and in my head hell yeah I sound just like Katy Perry in my head. My goal is to log 210 minutes this week. It’s realistic and I know the benefits:

1) more energy

2) better sleep

3) decreased appetite

4) feel a sense that I am DOING something not just talking about it

5) weigh in next week will yield that 5# ¬†total loss I’m hoping to see


So it’s a win, win, win, win, WIN!

It was really encouraging tonight when I laced up and hopped on, Scott was at work and I needed to do this before the night slipped away from me.


Piper stood in the door :”Mommy, you esecise?”

Me:” Yes Piper. Be careful.”

Piper: “Good job Mommy!”


Who needs more affirmation that you are doing good than the encouragement of an adorable 2 year old?

After all she’s one reason I want to be fit, so that I live long enough to watch her experience life, so thank you Piper for lighting my fire.



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