Adventures into the Whole30 Lifestyle

I love healthy foods and I am great at getting on a kick for a while, I see and feel progress and let myself “cheat” but my “cheats” are more than a slice of cake on my birthday or a special dinner out (which never happens); it’s days long of crap in, no wonder why I feel like crap when all I feed myself is garbage.

Food is my best friend and worst enemy. I am certain there are millions of people old and young who have that same relationship with food. It temporarily fixes what I feel or don’t feel . The last few months I have really struggled, I looked at my running record and I should be in the neighborhood of 200-300 miles by this time in the year and I am at less than 150. My weight has been steady but I attribute that to running just enough and balancing the crap just right. But I see it and feel it. I am flabbier than usual and feel physically terrible. Mentally, thank goodness I am thrilled to report I feel better than I have in a very long time and am (CHEER) anti-depressant free!!! My legs have felt heavy and I am so thirsty when I run, despite dropping water on my routes I can’t get enough, then feel sluggish. So I looked into heavy legs and running – ah-ha!!! Dehydration and a mineral deficiency are probable culprits.

How to remedy this?

I have seen countless friends post their self challenge of the Whole30.  There is no gimmick, no group to join (unless you want to), no pills, powders, supplements, shakes . It’s food. Real food, as minimally processed as possible, and NO SUGAR. That is the killer, label nazi is the title to bear. Scouring everything to make sure there is none, no pop, candy, juice-drinks, beer (sadface). Meat, veggies, fruits, healthy oils and portion control. So why not try it. The two people I know closely who have done this have experienced weight loss (already active people who changed their relationship with food), and I noticed their skin – glowing and not in that pregnant glow way. How can I not try this? It’s 30 days.

Day 1 measurements: (7/20/2015)

Hips 42.5″

Arms 15″

Chest 42″

Waist 36.75″

Calf 18.75″

Thigh 25″

Weight 212.6 (this made me way unhappy)

The goal is to detox from sugar, and reestablish healthy eating habits as far as content and portions, the site provides an excellent shopping list which I just printed and added my other items to. Pinterest is full of Whole30 food porn, I have pinned dozens of meals I am eager to try. This first week I am keeping it simple, things I know that I enjoy and are easily prepared. I can only look forward with optimism that this will boost me into a new stage in my relationship with food and one that I can stick to for a long time.

Day One Mood and Food:

MOOD: After the sad scale news I was ok, my attitude positive as I had planned to not let myself fail on this first day. I did have a headache that raged most of the day which I attribute to no caffeine or sugar at all. Exercise wise it was a rest day, but I did do about an hour of yard work. I did sleep rather well, better than I have in a while. So as this experiment goes on we shall see how I feel.


Breakfast 1.5 scrambled eggs, a few slices of steak, asparagus

10 am snack: nectarine

Lunch: was a fail – I had a salad and had purchased a dressing that was within the guidelines and it tasted of bitter water, so I added some cashews and ate what I could.

2 pm snack: 2 oz tuna

Dinner: 5 oz pot roast (very lean) roasted root veggies, roasted in chicken broth, topped with a little black pepper and a pinch of salt, steamed broccoli

Dessert: banana (I was hungry and banana’s give me heartburn but that with water gave me the full feeling I wanted)

Water intake:88 oz + 24 oz seltzer water (I crave bubbles)

I raged, I cried, I ate…

When I started this blog I promised myself it would be an honest account of my battle with food,  so here is my latest trial.

The last two weeks have been emotionally hard.

My husband and I have had a “stressor” introduced into our lives, something from the past that he had gotten advice on and are now realizing that it was bad advice. The day I learned about this I was really having a great day I had been up early to run, I had gotten a review unexpectedly and a small raise, I was so excited to tell the hubs all about it and then he hit me with the news…our whole world went upside down.

I raged, I cried, I ate….

That has pretty much been the cycle for the better part of two weeks; I have been so up and down over this that I actually became sick and have not been able to eat for the last two days, everything makes me feel ill. That being said, I stand in the kitchen and look at food, I think about how delicious some chocolate covered almonds would be, how a burrito bowl from Chipolte would be amazing,  and then I feel guilty, without having eaten any of it! I lay there in bed sick to my stomach and lusted after food, I was seeking comfort. I gave in last night and had a bowl of soup. The first bite my stomach soured at the contents I introduced to it, the second bite wasn’t much better, I finished the whole bowl – my body was telling me “no” my head told me “go ahead”.


I felt just like this!


I can’t eliminate stress from my life, it’s just not possible, but I believe that I can teach myself to manage it appropriately.  Over the next few weeks I am going to keep in mind that when a moment arises and I am tempted how my stomach felt when I ate that soup.

On the running front I have a week until my first 10K of the season, I have been out a few days each week, slowly getting back up to a more regular schedule as to not push my foot too hard. I had one run this week un-taped and I am eagerly awaiting a new pair of shoes, mine have well exceeded their 300 mile limit.

Weight progress…I am sitting right at 210. I suppose that’s not terrible all things considered. I haven’t gained anything this last two weeks, haven’t lost either.







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