New Dresses

This past weekend I went to Kohl’s, it’s the only store close by to shop at that isn’t the Wal *Mart, sometimes I just go to look around and have a little space from the kids. This particular trip I was actually going to the bank, my employer does not believe in Direct Deposit (what year is it???) Anyhow since I was so close, and I was kiddo free I figured it was worth a little lookie see.

I love dresses, almost as much as I love jeans. I pawed through every rack, strapless, sleeveless, short and long, tube top, racer back, fancy and casual; a plethora of colors and sizes and oh my patterns, somethings I will never be trendy enough for. I had my mind made up there wasn’t anything right for me today and that’s OK, while in loss mode I rarely buy something until it’s absolutely necessary, but then it caught my eye. Mint green and navy blue stripes! Contrary to popular belief stripes do not make me look wider; I frowned there was only
1 and it was a medium. Medium is the size I order at Dairy Queen, I’d really like a large and should order a mini…oh right the dress. There was a blue and black in large so I figured try that on and if I like it I can order it online. Much to my surprise it was too big! A large was too big!!! I slipped the medium on and it hugged me perfectly. My hips are wide, before kids and after, my shoulders broad, and I have a nice tan from my morning runs…I can’t remember the last time I smiled in a fitting room.

I wore it to work Monday and received many compliments, in fact I went back and got the blue and black also.

As a notorious “fatkid” I often forget that the right fit even on an imperfect body makes a HUGE impact.

A selfie of me in the blue and black and the ad for the other one…I’d wear them every day!


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