How to eat?

I have never really contemplated how I eat so much as what I eat. I understand the principles of proper nutrition, plenty of water, fruits, veggies, lean protein, whole grains and real fats. I regularly utilize measuring cups, spoons and before it broke a scale, I pay attention to portion size recommendations and try to shop smart. Our recent venture into clean eating has led me to appreciate the freshness and simplicity of food.


But never have I given much thought to How I eat…so today while I had little to do I was reading articles about eating and weight loss, and came across some tips that actually enhance the experience of a meal.


Eating as a family – at the table, engaging in conversation? People do this? We manage one night a week, between our work schedules and our commute often the adults are not hungry and the kids are, so we feed them and then we eat later. There are two reasons why this isn’t aiding in our success to be a healthier family; we miss out on the shared experience of mealtimes and we adults end up eating late and in front of the TV.


Tasting each bite – chewing slowly and savoring the product of cooking. I am guilty of this, when I do eat I feel like it’s a race, I eat quickly and often standing in the kitchen or parked in front of television. How does this defeat me? I don’t enjoy what I have made = I am not satisfied. Then I am tempted to eat more, when in reality I am not “hungry” I am not “satiated”.


Cooking with a loved one – exploring new recipes together. When we were first married we cooked all the time, now one of us is tending to the kids, cutting grass, folding laundry, out for a run, or just not in the mood. When we share we foster not only our nutritional needs, but our relationship.


Listening to bodily cues – realize the difference between satisfied and stuffed. I was not a forced member of the clean your plate club as a child, we had to eat a bite of everything and then when everyone was done we could be excused. For some reason as an adult I have this need to finish what I have served myself; being on Weight Watchers I have a point target for the day and often I have more than half of my points left for home eating. I feel like I have to finish what’s there – and then I am miserable. Why do I do this? I think in the coming weeks I will try to evenly spread out my points through the day unless I know we are  having a higher point dinner, then I won’t feel like I have to eat everything.


There are so many facets to a healthy lifestyle and each tip I learn is one step closer to my goal; to reaching a point where I don’t battle my demons with eating.


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